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Introducing SharePod: Wireless Presentation for Everything Else!

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wePresent is ushering in the age of wireless presentation...for HDMI cabled devices.

    Today, wePresent officially launched the SharePod, a new option for wirelessly presenting the displays of any hardware capable of HDMI output. The SharePod itself is paired to a specific wePresent unit, enabling seamless collaboration with both HDMI sources and existing wePresent users.SharePod is aimed at further easing the connection between certain HDMI sources to the wePresent.

The wePresent SharePod offers a connection for users to present from without downloading software or requiring network access, or a quick way to connect when walking in late to a meeting and without downloading a mobile app. All encoding is done at the SharePod and sent to the wePresent, which also saves resources the OS could be using, like RAM and graphics processing power. When accessing resource-hungry design programs or large databases, SharePod helps alleviate some of the headaches users might encounter.

For example, ChromeBook, Google’s web-based laptop has gained a large market share in the education space, is notoriously limited in its wireless interaction capabilities. These limitations are now a thing of the past, as the SharePod natively supports ChromeBook with full wireless mirroring. Because the SharePod supports all of the existing wePresent features, teachers can present from their ChromeBook side-by-side with images from a document camera, student’s iPad, and guest laptop, easily and efficiently.


In a world where technology is increasingly wireless, wired devices and legacy hardware are getting left behind. This is especially prevalent in the scientific and academic communities, where technical upgrades are not always feasible on a grand scale, or those upgrades are held back by the limitations of what existing hardware is capable of. SharePod allows those institutions to access and display data from a variety of non-wireless or legacy devices — even those without HDMI — by the use of a simple converter cable and the press of a button.

“Since the SharePod pairs with a wePresent unit, which already facilitates wireless presentation from a laptop or mobile device, the additional presentation options are now greatly increased,” says Eva Cannon, Director of Marketing at wePresent. “This creates a fantastic wireless solution that was greatly lacking in regards to other devices that are becoming more widely used.”

The release on the SharePod comes at the end of a whirlwind year for wePresent. After winning Best In Show twice at InfoComm from AV Technology and Sound and Video Contractor, the WiPG-2000 model also won Most Innovative Wireless Product of 2015 from rAVe Publications. The release of the new SharePod will bolster wePresent’s reputation as the most convenient, platform-agnostic, and easy-to-use wireless presentation gateway.

The Sharepod will be available through a wide network of AV integrators and resellers, and is expected to retail for $399.

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