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How It Works: 1080p HD Wireless Presentation Systems

Written by Cory Cannon | Find me on: LinkedIn

One of the biggest groups that would benefit from wireless presentation systems in conference rooms or meeting rooms are those employees traveling for business. With the processing power and capabilities that have been built into tablets such as iPads, the Android Galaxy, and Microsoft's Surface Pro, traveling business people have been able to forgo their heavy and bulky laptops for the much lighter smartphones and tablets. They can create their presentations on their tablets, edit their presentations on their tablets, and now with wireless presentation devices like wePresent they can give their presentations, wirelessly, right from their device. So how exactly do these HD wireless presentation systems work?

1080p HD Wireless Presentation Systems

Companies are looking for a more simple solution to giving presentations in meeting rooms and boardrooms. These companies are tired of over-priced and over-complicated commercial electronics, but simple wall-plates and cable connections are not enough. Every 10 years or so, there are dramatic changes that take place as technology advances and users begin to want and expect better solutions. This happens in the medical field, financial institutions, and any other industry that is driven by technology. In the corporate environment, organizations are wanting to cut the cords in their conference rooms and adapt to technology that allows them to utilize all the tools at their disposal. This means not only controlling costs on AV equipment, but it means being able to give presentations from any device including Windows laptops, Macbooks, smartphones and tablets. Undoubtedly, this is ushering in the need for HD wireless solutions. These BYOD devices have nothing in common when it comes to their cables or connections, so companies are now actively seeking 1080p HD wireless presentation systems that are cost-effective, reliable, secure, and easy to use.

As we look forward at 2014, it is no longer viable for IT departments to standardize on a single platform. Employees will be using a mixture of company computers and their own devices, so there is now a growing need to support multiple platforms in meeting room environments. These platforms include Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, and AV consultants, AV integrators, and company IT Directors must adapt and seek out viable solutions. These solutions must not only solve the multi-platform (BYOD) problem that companies face, it must also maintain the integrity and security that companies have sought to put into place over the past decade.

Network Security, Guest Access, & Software Management

The biggest hurdle for wireless presentation systems in the workplace, is network security. Generally, companies have policies in place that limit or even prevent employees from connecting their mobile phones or tablets to the company network, and some even go as far as limiting any wireless point-to-point connections. Oftentimes companies have a wireless guest network that is sectioned off from the internal LAN that their employees use, providing guests access to the internet.

As companies move toward 1080p HD wireless presentation systems in their conference rooms, there are many things to consider, and the WiPG wireless presentation system from wePresent offers many great solutions. The wePresent WiPG-1500 has the ability to be hard-wired to the LAN, which enables it to be accessed over an existing network and leverage a company's existing security protocols. This means that internal users can connect to the network as usual and give a wireless presentation. It works with any PC, Mac, iOS, or Android device to it is simple for the IT department to deploy and maintain, and anyone can use it.

The wePresent wireless presentation system also acts as a wireless access point and adheres to strict corporate IEEE security protocols, including Enterprise-Level encryption and has gatekeeper functionality. When this option is enabled, it allows guest users to connect to the device directly to give their wireless presentation, and the device call block all traffic from passing through to the LAN. This allows guests to use the system, and the company does not have to give out passwords to their internal network.


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