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5 Signs You Should Invest In a Wireless Presentation Device

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Should you or Should you not Invest In a Wireless Presentation Device

1. You keep spending an hour in a meeting that was only supposed to last 30 minutes.

You have been in meetings or presentation where participants waste too much time struggling with the computer and the display.

You probably have also been in a meeting where two or more people are presenting and each of them is having a hard time getting their presentation to run on the display.

If this is a regular scenario in your office, then it’s time to consider getting rid of that set up process entirely.

When you've set 45 minutes for your meeting and you spend 15 minutes of it setting up, then you've wasted valuable time. It is an inconvenience to you and your audience.

Try timing your meetings, and see how much time you spend configuring the display: connecting / disconnecting the wires, adjusting the resolution, getting the program to work on the computer, and so on.

2. You need an I.T. personnel to sit in on your meeting just in case something goes wrong.

Likewise, waiting for the IT personnel to get to your room because the computer(s) does not have the programs you need for the presentation or you can't find the right cables to connect your computer to the display.

Wireless Interactive Presentation Solution

3. Your team insists on getting a bigger screen so they can all see what the display.

When you've got a big group of people in a presentation or a meeting, chances are not all of them will be able to see the display clearly.

A wireless presentation device will let you share slides with mobile devices (even smart phones).

If your employees start billing you for work-related injuries because their necks hurt from stretching to see your display, then you should really get a wireless presentation device.

4. You are aiming for more collaboration and less silent nodding from your meetings.

If brainstorming doesn’t seem to be happening, even if you put it in all caps on your meeting announcement, then you may need to review your meeting processes and what’s hindering them from being more dynamic.

Your team may find it easier to work with programs they’re already familiar with. Having a wireless presentation device will let your team share presentations or programs that may not be installed in your computer, giving your members more opportunity to take the reins and lead the meeting.

5. Everyone wants a copy of the presentation.

Emailing your team a copy of the presentation may not be a big deal if you’re sending it to 10 people. Sending it out to a team of 60+ though, may be inconvenient. Getting a wireless presentation device that lets your team save the slides while in the meeting will help you and you team save time.

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