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5 Tools to Use for Winning Presentations

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Prezi is an out-of-the box presentation tool allowing you to create dynamic and fluid presentations. It offers a selection of templates to choose from. You can add images, YouTube videos, PDFs, and even Powerpoint files to your presentations. You can also assign different background music and voice-overs to each element.

What really makes Prezi standout is the Smart Zooming feature. It lets you zoom in on your presentations to focus on specific parts. It gives you the ability to lead the presentation like a map, from point A to point B to point C and so on. Your presentation is one gigantic picture with all the parts in it, and you assign paths on each element so it knows where to start and where to go next.

Prezi is easy to use and is highly addictive. It takes your audience on a ride with you in the driver’s seat. Prezi is definitely a long way from the usual slide 1-click-slide 2 routine.

SlideDog is an awesome tool that handles all the content of your presentation so you won’t have to scramble in and out of folders on your computer while presenting. Create a folder, drop all your presentation files in it, and assign the order of how they should come up. It supports Powerpoint, PDF, Videos, Images, Prezi, Word, Excel, and webpages. SlideDog is not to create presentations with, it’s the platform where you manage your presentation on.
If you’ve had a presentation where you needed to switch from one file to the other and for some reason the files don’t work and are missing, then you know how frustrating it is to be on stage and look unprofessional. Worse if you’ve opened the wrong file – say a picture of you with 15 Oreos in your mouth or if you forgot to change your desktop wallpaper to a blank image. Your dog looks cute on your desktop, but your audience doesn’t really need to see that unless you make it part of your presentation.

Real-Time Sharing is another key feature of SlideDog. You can send links to audience members who cannot make it to the location and they can view your presentation on their mobile devices simultaneously. They've also added interactive features such as Polls, Audience Chat, and Presentation Feedback - all from the audience’s mobile devices.

SlidedDog gives you piece of mind and a sense of security knowing that you will never make the mistake of showing people your Oreo-filled mouth again.

Snagit is an image and video editing tool for screen captured images and screen recordings from computers and mobile devices. It comes with a number of features including video trimming, stamps, special effects, and the steps tool. Snagit works great for creating manuals, instructional videos , and annotations on your screen.
Constantly rated as top choice for screen capture software by tech and consumer reviews, Snagit delivers exactly what it promises: a quick and simple way to create clear documentation and to add value to your presentation.

Creating a non-linear presentation with Projeqt is made possible by its “Stacks” feature. It allows you to create stacks within stacks, within stacks. You can add a presentation inside a presentation. My guess is TBWA found inspiration from the movie Inception for Projeqt.

Another reason why Projeqt stands out is its “Pulse” feature. It allows you to stream live tweets, pull blog feeds, add an interactive map, and embed videos from the web. Your presentation from October 2014 will not be the same on November 2014. You can reuse presentations again and get updated information without changing anything.

The wePresent wireless presentation systems allows up to 64 devices to connect, view, and take turns presenting by connecting to its Wi-Fi signal. It makes launching a collaborative presentation effortless. Up to 4 screens can be projected at the same time, a very useful feature for comparing notes and content. Switching between devices is just a few clicks, so no more fussing around with the wires – you don’t even have to get up from your seat to switch.

wePresent is cross platform, that’s one less thing to worry about a BYOD setting and guy sitting at the very last row can still watch your presentation from his tablet. The WiPG-1500 wireless presentation system allows on-screen annotation and touchscreen integration.

We’ve covered 2 programs for creating stunning presentations, an image and video editing tool to add content value, a platform to launch your presentations from, and the tool that makes presenting hassle-free. a platform to launch your presentations from, and the tool that makes presenting hassle-free.


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