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6 Things You Can Do To Make Your Presentation Unforgettable

Written by Steven Faught | Find me on:

It takes a creative mind to make a presentation noteworthy, but sometimes we can feel a little bit lacking in the creative department, our gears a little rusty.

We’ve come up with 6 brilliant things you can do to make your presentation unforgettable. Print this article and put it in your wallet, or save this in your mobile phone. It may be of big help to you one day.

Disclaimer: The items listed below are to be taken with a dose of humor. The author and wePresent will not be held liable for any damages to you, your audience, or to any asset. Proceed with caution

1. Bring a dangerous animal like a poisonous toad. Put it in a well-ventilated container, but not one where it can escape or be grabbed from. Tell your audience that you caught the toad in your garden before coming to the presentation, and that you’ve only noticed that it’s the poisonous kind. Tell them that you only have a few hours to live, and what you’re about to say will make your life meaningful. Then proceed with the presentation.

2. Pretend you speak a different language. Pretend that you only know that language, pick a constructed fictional language like Dothraki or Klingon, and bring your own interpreter. Be prepared to learn the entire language, you might just have an audience who speaks it too. Tell them Klingon is now considered the language of business, or chemistry, or pet care, whatever it is you’re presenting.

3. Bring Wagyu Beef Ribeye Tomahawk Steaks for everyone – except the vegetarians. If you are presenting to an all vegetarian audience, you will have to bring free range truffles. Even if your presentation did not go as well as you wanted it too, at least no one starved during your presentation.

  1. Introduce yourself as a master Jedi. You will have to come in with full on Jedi outfit – plus points if you made your own. Bring your own lightsaber and do a couple of moves as you end your presentation.

5. Sing your entire presentation. Note: Only if you can - you must have at least passed to Vegas stage in American Idol to do this. The disclaimer above is really just for this item.

6. Make your audience disappear. You must learn the technique from The Incredible Burt Wonderstone movie. Do this as your last resort – for an audience you can’t break. If you think you’re doing a great job presenting, don’t risk it with this move.

You can use a lot of different strategies to get your audience interested and make them remember you and your presentation, but nothing beats quality material, flawless set-up, and a well prepared speaker.

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