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wePresent Is Your Solution For An Active Learning Classroom

Written by Ed Pham | Find me on: LinkedIn

Active Learning Classroom

Enhanced active learning classrooms transform classrooms engaged learning for students.

The wePresent WiPG allows up to 64 students to walk into a classroom, connect to it wirelessly and present information from their device to the room display. What makes this innovative is that users don't need to have a particular platform of device to do this. They can bring whatever they want. PC, Mac, iOS device (iphone or ipad) or an Android (phone or tablet). This is changing the way students and instructors collaborate and share information. Schools no longer have to choose a platform to standardize on. For instance, they don't have to purchase 1500 ipads to supply the students and teachers with a way to be uniform. Instead, what they can do (and ARE doing) is purchase one WiPG per classroom and allow the students and teachers to bring their own device and present information from it to the classroom display.

Here are three reasons the wePresent WiPG should be in your active learning classroom.

1) Student Engagement - Students are usually enamoured and comfortable using their own devices. Allowing a student to project their information to the classroom display has an element of fun and intrique, and allowing them to do it from the device that they already know how to use is comfortable for them. It also gives them more incentive to be sure their information is right and formatted correctly.

2) Ease For Instructors - An instructor can prepare their lessons on their preferred device at home, or wherever they are, and simply walk into the classroom and present it without having to switch computers, deal with wires or transfer files. This also helps when instructors themselves move from classroom to classroom between periods. They simply connect to the WiPG in the new classroom and present.

3) Touchscreen And Interactive Whiteboard Compatibility - The WiPG is plug and play compatible with most touchscreen displays and IWB's. This allows for on-screen annotation of whatever is being displayed, from any device. This also allows the use of the WiPG's built-in Blackboard/Whiteboard feature.

The wePresent WiPG is a cutting-edge piece of educational technology that is changing the way instructors teach and the way students learn. It allows schools the freedom to implement it in their classrooms in tandem with their "tablet initiatives" or choose a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy. No more Apple vs. Android vs. PC vs. Mac. All are welcome to bolster the educational experience for today's students.

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