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The Thayer Method: How the US Army Has Been Using Active Learning for Over 200 Years

Email is Dead, Long Live Collaboration: Using Technology for Better Teamwork

Collaboration Matters: Why the Teamwork You Learn in School Gets You Hired

Focus on Active Learning: How Can I Gamify My Classroom?

Wireless World News: New Firmware Released, Adding iOS 10 Compatibility

Now Hiring: Regional Sales Manager - Central Region

Press Release: wePresent Expands Footprint with Opening of New European Headquarters Location

Feature Friday: Pairing and Using SharePod

Focus on Active Learning: 5 Great Web Apps for Classroom Collaboration

Wireless World News: wePresent Expands Distribution in Mexico

Feature Friday: Using Webslides

Feature Friday: Teacher/Moderator Conference Control

To Boldly Go, Pt. 1: The Basics of Kerbal Space Program for Active Learning

Feature Friday: One-To-Many

Wireless World News: July 2016

Feature Friday: Access Codes and Wireless Security

How to Prepare for Meetings: 3 Tips for Being a Better Participant

Wireless Wrap-Up: InfoComm 2016

Wireless Wrap-Up: wePresent Europe Demo Day

Feature Friday: Custom Startup Screen and Screensaver

3 Ways to Make wePresent the Most Guest-Friendly Solution Possible

Focus on Active Learning: Project-Based Learning

4 Statistics That Will Change the Way You Have Meetings

Focus on Active Learning: Flipped Classrooms

Introducing the WiPG-1600: Your Wireless Education Gateway

wePresent Gets Shiny and Chrome: Chromebook Support Available!

Life With SharePod

Wireless Wrap-Up: ISE 2016

iOS 9 Support Added in Firmware Update for WiPG-2000 (v2.0.9.1)

Focus on Features: Connectivity

The Hour of Code: 4 Ways to Introduce Programming to the Classroom

The Year in Wireless Presentation: A Look Back at 2015

wePresent Case Study: How Wireless Presentation Defeated the Empire

Introducing SharePod: Wireless Presentation for Everything Else!

Blast Off to Wireless Collaboration! - Kerbal Space Program on the wePresent

November News: wePresent Worldwide

Crafting a Wireless Presentation, Pt. 4: The Dos and Don'ts of Presenting

Crafting a Wireless Presentation, Pt. 3: Multimedia and Collaboration

Crafting a Wireless Presentation, Pt. 2: Writing and Rewriting

Crafting a Wireless Presentation, Pt. 1: Outlining

Outside the Box: Slide Roulette with Wireless Presentation

We've Expanded the Cloud Services You Can Access With Your wePresent!

The Way It Might Be - Help Us Write and Tell Your Wireless Presentation Story!

Our Award-Winning Wireless Presentation Solution is Now More Award Winning!

Dining Unplugged: Wireless Presentation Outside the Meeting Room

Our #NextBigDeal: New Software and Firmware for the WIPG-2000

10 Ways a Wireless Presentation System Works in a Corporate Environment

Why You Need a BYOD-Compatible Wireless Presentation System

Our Newest Wireless Presentation System is an Award Winning Product!

Come See Our Latest Model at InfoComm 2015 and Enter to Win a Drone!

wePresent Awarded TIPS Cooperative Purchasing Contract

wePresent Feature: Crossplatform

BYOD: Classroom Technology is Getting Personal

Creating Smart Classrooms with wePresent

wePresent Feature: Quad Screen

Education Budget: Classroom Technology is Getting Smarter, Cheaper

Technology in the Classroom Makes All the Difference

Looking Forward: Distance Learners and Technology in the Classroom

wePresent Feature: Wireless Access Point

wePresent: Helping to Create Collaboration in the Classroom

Webslides - A Great Classroom Technology You Might Not Know About

Ready To Go Back To The Future with Wireless Presentation Systems?

The Flipped Classroom: In class is now out of class

From the chalkboard to the iPad: Classroom technology over the years

Teaching Techniques: Tips to Destress for Teachers

Our Top Classroom App Picks

Tips for Better Management of Technology in the Classroom

Meeting Room Tips: 5 Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Your Team

Meeting Room Tips: Ways to Make Meetings More Interesting

5 Bad Habits Speakers Must Avoid At All Times

How WePresent's WiPG Device Works with SMART Boards

wePresent Tips: Better Brainstorming

Comparison: wePresent’s WiPG System vs. AppleTV

Presenting Wirelessly from the WiPG with the Windows OS

Anatomy of a Good Presentation

Educational Equipment Combo: wePresent works with Ken-A-Vision

5 Tools to Use for Winning Presentations

How wePresent works with Microsoft’s Lync

6 Things You Can Do To Make Your Presentation Unforgettable

Wireless: Outside the Conference Room

Your Cheat Sheet for BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device)

15 Network Security Blogs You Should Be Following

10 Quick Tips about Network Security

Conducting an Effective Meeting: 5 Important Questions

Why Do I See Black Bars in My Presentation?

5 Signs You Should Invest In a Wireless Presentation Device

Wi-Fi Demystified

Barco's ClickShare vs. wePresent

What's Missing for Classrooms with SCALE-UP or TEAL

InfoComm Wireless Presentations: It Didn't Stay in Vegas...

A Wireless Interactive Presentation Solution

wePresent Launches New Model at INFOCOMM 2014

How to Incorporate Good BYOD Policies

Why Your Company Needs A Wireless Presentation System

How to Avoid Distractions in Meetings

wePresent Is Your Solution For An Active Learning Classroom

Education and Technology: WePresent Classroom Technology Solutions

How To Start A Presentation: Your First Burst?

Business Network Security In The Wireless Age

Educational Technology - Recasting The Classroom

Apple vs. Android In Business - Go Cross-Platform

How It Works: 1080p HD Wireless Presentation Systems

10 Reasons Your Company Needs a Wireless Presentation System

What is the difference between WiPG 1000 and WiPG 1500?

How To Wirelessly Present From An iPad

Upgrade your conference room or classroom with wePresent. With simple, out of the box plug-and-playinstallation, you'll be wirelessly presenting in minutes.

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