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More than Presentations: Full AirPlay Integration with the WiCS-2100

Written by Jennifer Sturges | Find me on: LinkedIn

With continuity features that allow work to start on one device and be finished on another, intuitive user interfaces and sleek styling, Apple dominates the smartphone and tablet markets.  Due to the popularity of their devices and the simplicity of use, Apple AirPlay is one of the most popular screen sharing technologies on the market.

wePresent’s new collaborative model, WiCS-2100, combines the simplicity of AirPlay screen sharing into the presentation environment allowing Apple users to connect without installing a separate app or software while taking advantage of wePresent’s built in tools for collaboration.

Share Content from Multiple Users

AirPlay connected devices can share simultaneously with up to 4 other users, no matter what other devices are being used.  This allows on screen “compare and contrast” activities as well as a opportunity to discuss multiple ideas at once with the assistance of visuals. 

On Screen Annotation

More than just mirroring, when AirPlay users are connected they can annotate directly over the presentation using a USB accessory such as a HID mouse or a touchscreen display. Highlight important content, make notes on changes to a document or brainstorm additional ideas quickly and easily on the presentation display.

Enhanced Video Streaming

Multi-media presentations are becoming more and more popular.  WiCS-2100 provides 30 frame per second streaming, the standard frame rate used by YouTube.

How Do I Connect a Device to wePresent Using AirPlay?

wePresent units connect to AirPlay just like an Apple TV.  Once the Apple device is connected to the same network as the presentation unit, the wePresent model will appear in the AirPlay device menu for the user.  A full review of how to use AirPlay is available directly from Apple. 

Discover all the solutions for interactive and collaborative presentations available on the WiCS-2100 on our website.

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