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Apple vs. Android In Business - Go Cross-Platform

Written by Ed Pham | Find me on: LinkedIn

The self-fulfilling prophecy of Moore's Law has delivered the power of big computing and the earth-shrinking effect of telecommunication into the palms of our hands. Apple and Google's Android are obviously the biggest players in this market. They compete with each other. Their competition polarizes the industry and creates solid differences between the two platforms. Based on market share, Android and Apple are in a close dance, oscillating around the 50% mark, only missing each other by a few percentage points either way. Predicated by the law of averages, it's safe to simplify by saying they each hold about half of the market. Some love Apple, some love Android. Businesses have had to put careful planning into which of the two competitors would gain their investment. Mac desktops and laptops, ipads and iphones; or PC's, Windows laptops and Android powered tablets and phones. The reason for having to choose has been an issue of cross-compatibility, or more appropriately, lack thereof...

Having to make this decision takes time, thought and consideration. This means that just making the decision costs money, not to mention how much will be spent implementing it once the decision is made. This dilemma causes even more to have to be considered. The discussion above shows that no matter which choice, almost exactly half of your employees, business partners and potential clients will have to switch from their chosen platform over to it's nemesis... and that means, in addition to the potential morale issue, learning curve, productivity bottleneck or possible opt-out, respectively.

What if these problems had a simple solution? What if the gap was bridged? What if a business could just plug in the missing link and completely bypass the need to choose between going Apple or going Android? This idea is what has given birth to the BYOD business trend. This saves a lot of time and resources. Saving time and resources means saving money. Bottom line.

Sharing, presenting and disseminating information is a basic company need. Doing so wirelessly is the recent trend. Doing so wirelessly, cross-platform is the bleeding-edge.

The wePresent WiPG is a secure, wireless, cross-platform presentation gateway allowing PC, Mac, Android, and Apple portable devices to present and share information simultaneously. The WiPG has eliminated the need for any company to become exclusively Apple or exclusively Android. wePresent makes it possible to instead subscribe to the abundance mentality and decide to be all inclusive. Simplify and streamline with whichever wePresent model is right for you. Your constituents (at least half of them), and your bottom line will thank you.

Secure, Wireless, Cross-Platform Presentation Gateway

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