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wePresent Feature: Quad Screen

The feature rich wePresent line focuses on one of its most popular features, the quadrant display.

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Webslides - A Great Classroom Technology You Might Not Know About

What is Webslides?

wePresent, a leading provider of classroom technology solutions, invites you to take a look into a feature of the wePresent wireless presentation system called Webslides.

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The Flipped Classroom: In class is now out of class

Classrooms haven’t changed over the years (well maybe, the technology and of course, paperwork); but for the most part, the teacher instructs the class and at home, the students work on their assignments, which emphasizes what they were taught. That concept has been the same since chalkboards met the classroom in the late 1800s… that is until the ‘flipped classroom’.

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From the chalkboard to the iPad: Classroom technology over the years

 Teaching in the classroom hasn't changed much over history; just the classroom technology. Heard of a horn-book? Well, now you have. It came right before the pencil and the chalkboard.

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