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WiPG-2000 Important Firmware Release

Our development team has released firmware for WiPG-2000 model and encourage upgrading the firmware for anyone currently using versions, or  This upgrade is available from our Firmware Downloads page.

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Feature Friday: One-To-Many

Due to the easily affordable prices of flat panel displays, it has become increasingly popular to have several of those displays in a conference room, training room, or conference center. 

Sometimes they are spread out across the room so no matter where you sit, you have a clear line if sight to the presentation. You can have a fancy (and pricey) matrix switcher with all of your devices plugged into it so you can shoot them to many displays, or you can use the WiPG-2000’s 1-to-Many feature. With the matrix switcher, you're limited by what is hardwired into the switcher, while with wePresent, you can break off any of your connected wePresent units displays use it to display other devices, allowing you to maintain dynamic control of the classroom or meeting area.

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Teaching Techniques: Tips to Destress for Teachers

 Whoever said that teachers have it easy clearly had no idea that teaching is the unglamorous version of a one-man show, but there are a few things that teachers can do. So read on and hopefully one of these can help make your day a little easier.

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Our Top Classroom App Picks

More and more educators and schools are integrating technology in the classroom. It’s no surprise that we are seeing more education-focused apps out in the market. Picking out the right app to use in the classroom can get overwhelming, so we’ve listed down our top picks for classroom apps.

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Tips for Better Management of Technology in the Classroom

There seems to be a never-ending debate on the advantages and disadvantages to living in a world where everything is accessible at the click of a button. For instance, a number of parents and educators are still skeptical about using technology in the classroom precisely because it allows helpful and harmful discoveries.

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Meeting Room Tips: 5 Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Your Team

The secret to keeping people together in the meeting room lies in how well they work together. No leader can make the best and brightest work together if they don’t feel connected to the group. Here are a few tips for making sure your team stays together come hell or high water.

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Meeting Room Tips: Ways to Make Meetings More Interesting

Meetings are usually boring. Usually, save for the lucky ones who work in awesome companies with free donuts -or sharwarmas - in the meeting room. It doesn't have to be though, you can save yourself and your team from falling asleep. It can be done without being disruptive too. Here 8 ways to make meetings more interesting.

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5 Bad Habits Speakers Must Avoid At All Times

Public speaking is a skill and like any other skill, it is learned and improved upon. Honing this skill takes practice, mostly in front of the mirror, but it also takes willingness to accept and understand that certain habits need to be avoided. Here are 5 common bad habits speakers, even experienced ones, sometimes fall prey to.

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How WePresent's WiPG Device Works with SMART Boards

So you’ve got that spanking new SMART board in the office and you’re up for the end-of-month report.

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wePresent Tips: Better Brainstorming

Brainstorming is an essential skill to gather thoughts and ideas on your own or from a group of people. Oftentimes, however, you hit a stone wall, lack energy and concentration, can't find a conducive place to work, or feel inadequate when having to share information in a group. We at wePresent understand how important it is to for brainstorming sessions to be productive and empowering. Here are some helpful tips to help you hurdle those obstacles.

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