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Barco's ClickShare vs. wePresent

Written by Cory Cannon | Find me on: LinkedIn

Barco’s Clickshare Vs. WePresent

There are several ways to conduct a meeting – a new trend is going wireless. These are presentation systems that allow you and your participants to collaborate on Wi-Fi enabled devices. They allow easy access to your displays via a USB dongle or a mobile app. This gets rid of the need to fiddle around with wires on laptops and transferring files. They allow for a more productive and interactive meeting.

Barco’s Clickshare and wePresent are two names that regularly come up when looking at these solutions.

Barco’s Clickshare

Barco’s Clickshare has, currently, 2 products in the market: the CSM-1, and the full-featured CSC-1. The CSM-1 is for standard meeting rooms of 8 simultaneous connections, while the CSC-1 is recommended for high-profile meeting rooms, boardrooms, and conference rooms with the capability of 64 simultaneous connections.

The CSM -1 can connect up to 8 wireless USB buttons, which don’t require batteries. This is for small team meetings and presentations. You can share dynamic content through laptops, or static content through iPhone and Android mobile devices. The price for a Barco CSM-1 with 2 USB buttons is around $1,750.

The CSC-1 can connect up to 64 wireless USB buttons. It uses the same buttons as CSC-1. You can share dynamic content through laptops or through an optional CS link for iPads, or static content through iPhone and Android mobile devices. The running price for a Barco CSM-1 with 4 USB buttons is around $3,950.

The USB buttons can be bought individually for around $295 a piece.


wePresent has three products out right now: WiPG-1000, WiPG-1500, and WiPG-2000. All three products allow wireless projection from any Wi-Fi enabled device and can connect with up to 64 users. They include: up to full 1080p HD resolution displays, wireless screen sharing, integrated Wireless Access Point, conference control feature, browser slides, SidePad Mobile remote control, and you can add a logo to the Start Screen.

The WiPG-1500 has a faster processor than the WiPG-1000, touchscreen integration, whiteboard / blackboard feature, on-screen annotation, full-mirroring capability for Sender for Galaxy, hotkey shortcuts for presentations, and the ability to customize the entire start screen.

The WiPG-2000, has all of the WiPG-1500 features but has an even faster processor, 1080p video player (Codec), Power-Over-Ethernet (POE), gigabit Ethernet LAN port, and on-board USB player.

The WiPG-1000 is priced around $499 to $699. The WiPG-1500 is around $634-$699. The WiPG-2000 is around $1000-$1500.

Aside from the price difference between Barco’s Clickshare and wePresent products, 2 other differences are also noticeable. Barco’s Clickshare allows either up to 8 or 64 connections, while all of the wePresent products allows up to 64 connections. Clickshare enables you to connect via a USB button or through an app on your mobile device, though connecting via the app limits sharing to static content. wePresent doesn’t use buttons and allows you to share dynamic or static content via any connected device.

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