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Business Network Security In The Wireless Age

Written by Ed Pham | Find me on: LinkedIn


Business network security is a big issue for mid-sized businesses. Every decision can be fateful, possibly fatal. This subject has become so important it has given birth to world wide industries and numerous new job titles. In response to this challenge, the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) oversees the creation and monitoring of adherence to complicated standards for the devices that make up networks. Over the course of decades these standards have evolved to fit and apply to the rapid advancement of technology.

When networks only existed on wires, network security looked much different. With the advent and proliferation of wireless technologies in the workplace came a need for new methods and standards of security. The first major solution was dubbed WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy). After widespread implementation of this standard, it was found to have major flaws and was abandoned and supplanted by the WPA (WiFi Protected Access) standard. This one worked. It was developed and improved upon to produce the highest and newest WPA2 standard in September 2004. This current version is the certified, interoperable version of the full IEEE 802.11i specification from June 2004 and was established by the WiFi Alliance. WPA2 supports PSK (Phase-shift Keying) technology and fully complies with the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard). WPA2 has effectively patched the holes in wireless security. When these wireless standards are implemented correctly wireless networks are secure but, when there is a deficit of the proper information, future expectation is based on past performance so, some in the business world remain inappropriately wary.

The wePresent WiPG is the hub for the Internet of Things (IoT). It is fully compliant with the most rigorous IEEE 802.11i wireless security standards, including the WPA2-PSK and enterprise level encryption (AES). WP Technologies, Inc. understands the need for secure, cross-platform

functioning within a business. wePresent has engineered every security feature into it's Wireless Interactive Presentation Gateway for the purpose of increasing productivity and collaboration while at the same time keeping your business, your business.


Secure Wireless Presentation Gateway Using wePresent's WiPG in a conference room.

Having the technological edge is essential for modern business. Wireless technology equips a business for greater productivity and improves the efficiency of business processes. This frees up the brain trust, allowing it to grow the company by creating new business functions. The business world knows this. Many businesses have failed for refusal to embrace the wireless and BYOD era. Those who are succeeding are those who are adapting and keeping on the cutting edge of the evolution of technology. wePresent is at the forefront of this and leading the way. We enjoy helping to be the backbone of business.

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