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Education and Technology: WePresent Classroom Technology Solutions

Written by Cory Cannon | Find me on: LinkedIn

Learning is an evolution in both what we learn and how we learn. This year, school districts and universities are looking for innovative solutions that combine education and technology. They are looking at ways to arm their teachers with the tools it takes to teach kids born into todays technology-driven world. Let’s call it an education innovation overhaul. These schools are essentially creating an extremely comprehensive plan to update the students’ experience and update the education experience in general. They are looking for new solutions to deliver that experience.

Education and Technology

Many local school districts and universities have implemented “tablet initiatives” providing their students with tablets for academic use. These tablets are a giant first step toward combining education and technology. They are an incredible tool to help the students with writing, research, communicating with their teachers and professors, and even giving presentations. In addition, they are looking for companies who can provide additional components and technology that will complement and complete these tablet initiatives.

WePresent Wireless Interactive Presentation Gateway: Classroom Technology Solutions

WP Technologies, Inc. is excited to be a part of this growing initiative toward educational technology. We are currently working with pro-AV integrators who are creating all-in-one solutions known as "innovation stations" that can easily be deployed into the classroom. With innovation stations that include touch-screen displays and advancements like our wePresent WiPG-1500 wireless presentation gateway and E-beam's Edge USB interactive whiteboard, we are helping to bring the students’ learning experience into the 21st-century.

Classrooms have changed very little over the last couple hundred years. Teachers teach, and students listen. Today's learning environment should be different, and schools are ready to adapt and accept technology to move the classroom forward. Classrooms must be outfitted with high-tech components that can transform learning, and it takes innovative minds to put the plan in motion and see it through.

For the schools willing to invest in this technology, such as digital whiteboards, interactive touchscreen environments, and WePresent's WiPG-1500 wireless presentation system, they will produce educated forward-thinking minds that will continue to propel our nation forward.

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