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Educational Equipment Combo: wePresent works with Ken-A-Vision

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Science ClassKen-A-Vision is the leading provider of educational equipment for students and teachers across the globe. Their wide range of products includes traditional and digital microscopes, document cameras, and visualisers. Ken-A-Vision has reinvented the classroom by being the industry's only producer of live streaming classroom products.

Their Applied Vision 4 (AV4) software allows teachers and students to easily connect all the Ken-A-Vision digital products directly to their computers. With the AV4, the lesson subjects are effortlessly recorded and documented. Students can observe amoebas and witness osmosis with their digital microscopes, as well as capture physics at work with their document cameras. The AV4 allows documentation of their subjects for easy playback as reference later on.

Their EduCam Classroom Viewer app allows teachers to broadcast live streaming images from the AV4 software. Students can watch the live stream directly on their mobile devices. The Educam app works online so students who are not in the classroom are also able to join the sessions. The app lets students capture images from the live stream which they can annotate over as part of their lesson. The saved images can be submitted to the teachers, making the transition to a paperless environment stress-free.

Without a doubt Ken-A-Vision's educational equipment are transforming the classroom to a more engaging and interesting setting. Partnered with wePresent’s WiPG presentation system, the lessons become more interactive and the discussions become more collaborative.

wePresent's WiPG presentation system enables teachers and students to present wirelessly onto their classroom screen from their mobile devices. The subjects captured by the Ken-A-Vision products can be projected directly onto the display as it is being documented.

The intuitive interface of the WiPG presentation system lets students share their tasks and assignments with the EduCam app to the class smoothly. The WiPG can connect up to 64 devices and 4 screens can be projected at a time. Students can compare their take on the lessons and discuss the differences and similarities of their results to the class. Group presentations are also easier as sharing a screen from the student’s devices just takes a couple of clicks.

Ken-A-Vision’s products create a new method of learning and the WiPG system helps students be more confident in presentations and discussions. The WiPG system can help turn lessons from Ken-A-Vision products into a two-way interaction as students share their tasks with the class. Paired together, the revolutionary educational equipment enables students and teachers get more value out of the lessons and their discussions.

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