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Educational Technology - Recasting The Classroom

Written by Ed Pham | Find me on: LinkedIn

The classroom is ideally like a womb. A place of meticulous development. With all the old soft proof from a solid history of examples and practical testing within the realm of
psychology, and even the new hard proof from indisputable sciences such as brain imaging, we know the truth of the adage that says, "The best way to learn is to teach". Teachers, instructors and professors, from K through graduate levels, find one of their biggest challenges to be the engagement of students with the material they are trying to impart. This, perhaps, is the greatest challenge faced by educators.

The picture of the classroom that comes to mind for most people is one of a teacher in a room instructing several students. If a teacher assigns a writing assignment about a particular topic,
each student returns the results of their own research and individual learning to the teacher. This is good because in order to have come to their own conclusions each student had to study, think and organize
their ideas. The outcome of this is learning... However, the one in that class who benefits most and gets the greatest depth and breadth of understanding about the assigned topic is the teacher. In addition
to his own understanding on the subject, he now sees the topic from, say, twenty new angles and perspectives while each student sees the subject from only one new vantage point.

A newer vision is that we realign our old ideas of the classroom and see it instead as a room full of teachers developing themselves and each other through interaction and collaboration under the guidance of a facilitator. This way all 20 students get 20 different ways of looking at the topic instead of the traditional single new viewpoint. According to this example the breadth of learning at least will be twenty-fold. How do we recast the classroom in this way?


Wireless Presentation Gateway WiPG

The right technology can be the solution for restructuring our old ideas of the classroom and how it should work. Instead of only one overhead or slide show projector for the teacher to present material from, we can have one large display (touch-screen, interactive whiteboard, on wall motorized, etc.) that anyone in the classroom, even several at a time, can project to. They can project and discuss material (even full HD 1080p video) right from where they sit and they can do so from their phone, tablet or computer wirelessly regardless of the platform (Microsoft, Apple, Android, etc.).

Educational Technology is a hot topic today and educational institutions are struggling to keep up with technological advancements. We have made the solution accessible, controllable (Conference Control) and secure. The goal of WP Technologies, Inc. is to equip classrooms with the technology to increase learning outcomes to full potential. Education benefits everyone.

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