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Feature Friday: Using Webslides

Written by Jacob Moffitt | Find me on: LinkedIn

Sometimes it isn't enough to have a presentation displayed up on the screen. Your screen might be too small, some in your audience could suffer from poor eyesight, or you might just be in a classroom where you need to engage mobile devices in order to keep the attention of your students. Recognizing all of these, plus the fact that it's just handy for your audience to have the ability to view your slides at their leisure, wePresent features a function we call WebSlides. Simply put, WebSlides is the ability to access and view the presentation from any device's browser at your own pace. It's very easy to use, so let's talk about how it works.



A Brief Overview of How WebSlides Works

First, let's begin with a simple explanation of what WebSlides actually does. WebSlides actually takes a snapshot of whatever is displayed on the screen and relays it to any devices connected and viewing WebSlides. While this limits wePresent in terms of streaming content like videos or animations, it's great when you're giving a PowerPoint presentation or showing a document you'd like your audience to follow along with. WebSlides will also allow your audience to see annotations you make in real time, as long as the screen refresh is set to capture them.

Setting Up Webslides

First, let's make sure your WebSlides setup reflects what you're going to be dealing with. It's important to remember that WebSlides will send updates anytime the "Refresh" button is pressed on the WebSlides control panel. While this might not be a problem when you have 5-6 people seated in the same room, bandwidth concerns can arise when rooms of over 10 people are all requesting refreshed WebSlides at the same time. You'll likely want to tailor your WebSlides refresh rate to your audience size.

Doing this is very easy, and if it's already done, you can skip this part.

1) Log into the wePresent control panel by either connecting to your wePresent and hitting the settings button...

...or entering the IP of the wePresent you're trying to access. Once you have the control panel pulled up, press the "Admin" button, enter the password, and you'll have access to change the wePresent.

(Note: You may not be allowed administrator access to your wePresent, in which case you'll have to contact your IT administrator to change these settings.)

2) Once you've accessed the control panel, click "WebSlides Setup" in the menu on the lefthand side.

3) Select how often you'd like to refresh your WebSlides to connected devices. By default, the wePresent is set to refresh only when the "Refresh" button is clicked in the audience, but you may want to automate this to prevent yourself from needing to refresh the feed everytime you change slides.

Note the "Recommended Maximum Concurrent Users" next to each option. It's recommended to use these as a guideline for the size audience you expect to be viewing WebSlides, in order to prevent any kind of bandwidth overload.

4) Select whether you'd like to require a code to access the WebSlides being displayed from this wePresent.

"Disable" will allow anyone with the IP to this wePresent to view WebSlides. "Use Same Password as "Code"" will require the 4-digit code displayed on the wePresent to be entered. "Use the Following Code" will allow you to set a custom code to access this wePresent's WebSlides function.

5) Once you've made the appropriate changes, click "Apply". Unlike changing some settings on the wePresent, changing your WebSlides options will not require the unit to be rebooted. Once you've made the changes, you're ready to deliver a live feed to connected devices.

Accessing WebSlides From a Device

Once you have your settings taken care of, you can present to the wePresent device as usual, and the feed will automatically be output to the WebSlides page for your wePresent. All that remains is for your devices to connect to the browser-based panel, which will allow your audience to follow along and even save pieces of your presentation for later reference.

1) In your browser of choice, navigate to the IP of the wePresent being presented to. You'll see the same splash screen as you would when accessing the wePresent to change any settings.

2) Click the "WebSlides" icon.

3) If necessary, enter the 4-digit code to access the WebSlides function.

4) You are now viewing WebSlides. 

The menu at the top of the screen, though gives us a few options.

  • Clicking the "Home" option will take us back to the main screen of the wePresent control panel.
  • Clicking the "Pause" option will temporarily pause the WebSlides feed. Click it again to resume as normal.
  • Clicking the "Save" option will save the information displayed as a .JPG file.
  • Clicking the "1:1" option will show the display at actual size.
  • Clicking the "Fit" button will shrink the display to fit your browser window.
  • Clicking the "Refresh" button will manually refresh the page to the last available version.
  • The refresh rate can be set with the drop-down menu at the right.

And that's it! That's the basics of WebSlides, one of the most useful audience-centered features of the wePresent. The WebSlides browser should work with any web browser on any device, meaning whether your users are using Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, or Chromebook, they'll be able to see what you're presenting. Since the feature runs on the wePresent itself, this also means that if you're presenting from a SharePod, your audience will be able to see what's being displayed up close.

Curious About Other wePresent Features?

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If you're having any issues with your wePresent, feel free to contact our support team and we'll work as hard as we possibly can to get them resolved.


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