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Feature Friday: Teacher/Moderator Conference Control

Written by Jacob Moffitt | Find me on: LinkedIn

We talk a lot about the wePresent's ability to connect up to 64 users together for collaborative efforts, but what does it actually mean to work with that? Moderator control allows a teacher or meeting leader to choose which devices are displayed - up to 4 at a time - from a handy web control panel, meaning you'll be able to work together with your audience, rather than just talking to them. Learning how to use the moderator control panel is easy, and only takes a few minutes to master. Let's take a look.


The moderator control panel is accesible from any device currently connected to the same network as your wePresent WiPG-1600 or WiPG-2000. Accessing it isn't so different from accessing the administrator control panel, but let's go over it really quick, shall we?

Conference Control from the Web Control Panel

1) Open your browser and enter the IP of the wePresent connected to your display. By default, this will be in the upper left-hand corner of the screen...


...but it's also displayed on the screensaver.


2) Click the "Conference Control" link to access the control panel.


3) Log into the Conference Control panel. By default, the password will be "moderator", all lower-case.


4) Decide whether you'd like to moderate your devices exclusively from the control panel. If you check this option, devices that connect to your wePresent won't be able to stream to your display without your moderator allowing them from the control panel. Additionally, if you check this option, you won't be able to moderate from the touchscreen console on the screen. (We'll go over the touchscreen console next.)


5) From the list of the connected device, choose which one you'd like to display. You can show a single device in fullscreen mode, or display up to four devices at once in QuadScreen mode by selecting which quadrant you'd like them to appear in. You can also choose to stop displaying any individual device, or disconnect a device altogether.


Conference Control from the Touchscreen Control Panel

Note: The touchscreen console is referred to as such for ease of simplicity, but it's also possible to work the control panel displayed on your wePresent with an inserted USB mouse, or with the AirPad, our remote touch interface.

1) From the main startup screen, choose whether you'd like the display to be moderator controlled or allow users to connect without authorization. To do so, simply touch the "Lock" icon Similar to the web control panel. To unlock the wePresent and allow anyone to connect, simply touch the "Lock" icon again. You won't be able to moderate from the browser-based menu if you "Lock" the wePresent from the touchscreen console.


2) Touch the "List" icon in order to see a summary of connected devices.


3) Touch the device you'd like to display to display in fullscreen mode.

4) To display up to four devices simultaneously, press the "QuadScreen" icon....


...then select a quadrant to add a device to by touching the "Add" icon. A list of connected devices will appear, and touching one will display that device in that quadrant.


5) To return to the main menu, press the "Back" button, then press the "Home" button.

And that's it! You've got the basics of Conference Control down, and it only took a few minutes. Using this, you'll be able to put up to four devices on the screen simultaneously, switch between devices on the fly, and choose which devices are being displayed remotely. You'll also be able to lock your wePresent in order to prevent your presentation from being hijacked. (Very useful in the classroom!)

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