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First Time Huddle Space User Tells All

Written by Jennifer Sturges | Find me on: LinkedIn

Do people really use huddle spaces? I found myself contemplating this exact question on the trek into the wePresent office on my first day of work.

I guess I should take a moment to introduce myself.

Hi, I’m Jennifer and I am very excited to have recently joined the wePresent team.

Joining wePresent was my first experience working first hand in an office environment that positions itself at the forefront of interactive and collaborative workspaces.  While I was familiar with the product line before joining, I wasn’t sure exactly what it was actually like to work in the environments we create.

Our office offers us several huddle spaces and traditional meeting environments.  Possibly my favorite huddle space is the one I helped design in the marketing office as an exercise during my journey to adapting to our new workspace. 

My first time using a huddle space was with Ed.  We had a project: to create a custom standby screen for Breather.  Breather is a company that specializes in off-site meeting space, spillover space and more in beautifully appointed workspaces. 

Ed needed to be able to quickly and easily show me the branding elements he had available for Breather. I turned on my flat panel display, and Ed clicked the AirPlay button on his iPad.  I could easily see what Ed had in mind and get a feel for their branding while listening to Ed explain to me how they wanted to use our presentation solutions in their spaces. 

When it was time to show him the design templates we already had, two clicks and I was sharing my screen as well. We talked through styling the screen quickly.

Until, we had a question for IT.  A phone call and we had Steven in our huddle. He answered our technical questions and we were ready to tackle the project.

As I started designing their screen, I realized I felt more prepared for this project than those that were discussed through email.  I was more comfortable during the process than meetings that took place cowering over someone else’s laptop trying to view content together. 

I realized, huddle spaces are my hero.

Since that first adventure into huddle spaces, I’ve become quite accustomed to the ability to easily and quickly collaborate with my peers.  Huddling has started to come naturally these days and I find myself having better conversations that lead to higher quality work and a higher level of connection with my coworkers.

I think I’m going to like it here.

Topics: Corporate Technology , collaboration

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