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Feature Friday: Access Codes and Wireless Security

Written by Jacob Moffitt | Find me on: LinkedIn

We've instituted the option to lock down your wePresent with a 4-digit code, in order to connect. With security concerns running so high these days, we thought it prudent to provide a way to ensure that the people connecting to the wePresent in your room were actually, you know, in your room. There's a few different options regarding the 4-digit code, however, and enabling it requires making some changes in the wePresent's web admin panel. Don't worry though, read on, and you'll see how easy it is...

1) Access the Web Admin control panel by opening a browser on a computer connected to the network and inputting the IP of the wePresent you're trying to change.

  • By default, this IP will be
  • However, the specific IP may also be displayed in the top left corner of the wePresent's display.

  • Alternately, you can use MirrorOp to open the Web Admin panel by clicking the "Settings" icon to the right of the wePresent you're making changes to.


2) In the left-hand menu, click "Device Setup".

This will bring up the options page where you can change the access code (and other parameters) for this specific device. From here, you can change the device time, resolution, pair it with a specific SharePod via MAC address, and (relevant to us) change the access code for the device in question.


3) Change the access code to best suit your purposes.


When changing the access code, you have three separate options, each which gives you a differing level of security. Depending on your environment, you may want to use a static access code you select, a random access code which changes sporadically, or you may want to disable the code altogether.

  • Disable - This will disable the code altogether. Anyone connected to this wePresent via MirrorOp or AirPlay will be able to display directly to the screen without a code. Not recommended for environments with many wePresents (codes will help keep you from accidentally hijacking another screen) or with a higher need for security (since the code also prevents you from hijacking a screen on purpose).
  • Random - The wePresent will generate a 4-digit code randomly, which will change after every presentation section. This will ensure that only the people present in the room have access to your wePresent. If further security is needed, consider Moderator Controls.
  • Use the Following Code - This will allow you to input a 4-digit code of your choosing, which will not change until you change settings. Recommended for low-security environments where the possibility of accidentally hijacking another wePresent is present.

4) Reboot the wePresent to complete the setting change.

Almost every change you make to your wePresent's admin control panel will require a reboot, this isn't unusual. Once you reboot, the unit will start using the new code options immediately.

It's as easy as that! Please note, however, that these changes may need to be done by a sysadmin or IT professional, if you're working in a secure environment, and that no change to the wePresent's options should be attemped without the permission of said administrators.

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