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Feature Friday: Custom Startup Screen and Screensaver

Written by Jacob Moffitt | Find me on: LinkedIn

When it comes to your meeting spaces, lecture halls, and anywhere else you've got space to personalize, it's important that you take advantage of it. We understand better than most that branding is important, and that a unified brand identity is part of any organization's marketing goals. That's why we've included the ability to customize your wePresent with the imagery of your choice on both the startup screen, as well as the screensaver. Curious how to do it? Read on...

Customizing the Startup Screen


  • .PNG Format
  • Maximum Resolution: 1920 x 1080
    • It is recommended you match the resolution/aspect ratio of the display you are connecting the wePresent to.
  • Maximum File Size: 10 MB

Note that when making your starup screen image, it's possible to have elements covered up by the wePresent UI. to prevent this, we've put together an easy-to-use template that should work in any image manipulation program. If you're still having trouble showing all elements of your standby image without having them covered by the UI (for example, if you're not presenting to a 16:9 aspect ratio display, like our template is built for), consider taking a screenshot of the display with all elements of the UI visible and using that as a guide.

Click Here to Download Standyby Screen Template

Installing Custom Startup Screen

  1. Open your browser and navigate to the IP of the wePresent where you'd like a new startup screen. If you need the IP, it will be displayed in the top left corner of the screen your wePresent is connected to, underneath the name of the wePresent.
  2. Access the web admin panel by clicking the "Admin" button and entering the username and password. If you do not have access to this function, contact your IT administrator before attempting to reset the unit to factory defaults.
  3. Click "OSD Setup" on the menu on the left side of the screen.
  4. In the top section labeled "Change Standby Image", click the "Browse" button.
  5. Navigate to your customized .PNG file and select it.
  6. Click the "Image File Upload" button in the top section.
  7. If done successfully, a prompt will appear, informing you that a reboot is necessary. Click through.
  8. Examine the standby image on your screen and ascertain that the proportions are correct, and that the UI doesn't cover any elements you'd rather remain seen. If adjustments are required, simply upload the adjusted image via the above process.

Customized startup screens are a great way to show your branding or school spirit, so make sure you take advantage of this easy-to-use functionality!


A few examples of what your standby screen could look like with some help from our template...



Customizing the Screen Saver

Image Requirements

  • .PNG format with transparent background
  • Maximum Resolution: 192 x 192
  • Maximum File Size: 500kB

When making your screen saver, it's important to remember that the entirety of the screen will be completely black, so when you're designing a custom image to sit on top of it, use an inverted or lighter-hued logo if your logo tends toward darker colors. At 192 pixels square, details will also be hard to make out, so if you have text in your logo, remember it will need to be large enough to read. You might even consider using a textless version of your logo...after all, it won't be long until your full-resolution logo is in view on the startup screen.

Installing Custom Screen Saver

  1. Follow instructions 1-3 for installing the custom startup screen image.
  2. In the middle section marked "Change Screen Saver Logo", click the "Browse" button.
  3. Navigate to your screen saver image and select it.
  4. Click the button marked "Logo File Upload".
  5. Your wePresent will restart itself, after which point the screen saver image will be installed.
  6. To ensure the image appears as a screen saver, navigate back to the "OSD Setup" menu.
  7. In the section titled "Screen Saver Settings", make sure the radio button marked "Enabled" is active, then select an idle time, and then click "Apply." You wePresent will then restart again with the screen saver installed.

The right logo can bring an air of professionalism to your meeting spaces, and inspire confidence in your audience...


Having Problems?

If you're having trouble getting your custom screen saver or startup screen to work, or if you're having any problems with your wePresent unit, feel free to contact us at support@wepresentwifi.com. If you'd like to see a demonstration of any of our wePresent features in action, feel free to sign up for a webinar.

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