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How To Wirelessly Present From An iPad

Written by Cory Cannon | Find me on: LinkedIn

So, the latest acronym and buzzword in the corporate world is BYOD and everybody is talking about it. Although this might sound like some legal nightmare where one of your employees came to work sloshed --it's not.

BYOD is better known as Bring Your Own Device (to work), and for better or worse it WILL happen. So instead of debating whether or not BYOD is a good policy, let's just assume it will take place at your work soon and prepare you for it.


BYOD and the Apple iPad


In the corporate world Windows has always reigned supreme, but with the rise of the BYOD movement Apple has finally seemed to have found its footing into the enterprise world with the iPad.

This article will help you and your employees learn how to wirelessly present from an iPad, in your conference room using the wePresent wireless presentation system.


What is wePresent?

The wePresent interactive presentation system is an innovative new presentation tool for conference rooms, training rooms, boardrooms, and other meeting rooms. wePresent allows up to 64 meeting room attendants to connect over your existing WiFi and take turns wirelessly giving their presentation from any device to the display.

The wePresent presentation system works across all platforms, such as Windows and Mac computers, as well as iOS and Android mobile devices, so it is the natural selection for a company who wants to wirelessly present from an iPad, and is a perfect corporate solution for a BYOD environment.

5 Simple Steps

Imagine you have an important presentation to give, and because of your company's new BYOD policy you are going to wirelessly present from an iPad. You've written the perfect presentation, and you're ready to win them over. The great thing about presenting from an iPad, or any other mobile device, is your ability to be untethered. You can move around the room, stand and point to the screen, and really animate the point of your presentation.

With the wePresent iPad App, you can pinch and zoom your presentation on your iPad and have it displayed flawlessly onscreen. So just how exactly do you wirelessly present from an iPad? With just a few simple steps, you will be able to give the best presentation of your career. You might even get a huge promotion!

Step 1: Save Your Presentation To Your Device

Your first step is to simply just save your presentation to your iPad. Since an iPad doesn't have a USB port, there are several ways to get your presentation to it. If you created your presentation on your iPad, then you're finished with this step. If you created your presentation on your Mac, then chances are it will just sync and magically appear. Another simple method is to email the file to yourself.

Step 2: Download wePresent's WiFi-Doc from the Apple App Store

Your next step is to download the wePresent App for the iPhone from the Apple App store. The app is free to download and only takes a minute. Once you have downloaded the App, open the email containing the presentation file that you sent yourself. Press and hold down the file, and click "open using: MirrorOp Presenter. This will save your file to the wePresent application.

Step 3: Turn On Your Display Device

Whether your wePresent is installed behind a TV mounted on the wall or installed above the ceiling tiles near your projector, the first thing you need to do is to turn on your display. The wePresent WiPG device has an auto-on feature, so it will automatically turn itself on once it receives power. Once your display comes on, you will see the start screen of either the wePresent WiPG-1000 or the WiPG-1500. On the screen you will see the IP address that your network assigned to the wePresent device, along with a random 4-digit access code in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Step 4: Start the iPhone Application

Open your iPhone and go to your settings. Since you are going to present from an iPad, you need to have the WiFi of your iPad turned on, and you need to select the SSID (WiFi signal) that your wePresent is broadcasting. Once your iPad is on, and connected to the WiFi signal, then you can start the start the wePresent WiFi-doc application that you downloaded. Once the application starts and finds your wePresent device, it will show you the IP address (that should match the one onscreen) and prompt you for the 4-digit access code. You will simply enter the code and press "connect".

Step 5: Give Your Presentation

Now you are ready for the fun part --giving your presentation. Once the wePresent WiFi-Doc application is running on your iPhone and connected, you will see your presentation on your phone with a large "play" button on top. Now all you have to do press the play button and your presentation is wirelessly and instantaneously displayed on the screen. You can swipe through your presentations, you can pinch and zoom your presentation, or you can close the presentation and open a different one.
There are many more great features that wePresent has to offer, and we will cover those in future blog posts. In the meantime you can check out our recent posts like this post about the difference between the WiPG-1000 model and the WiPG-1500, or you can get more information about the features here on our website.

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