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Large Deployment Management Now Available for wePresent

Written by Jennifer Sturges | Find me on: LinkedIn

Enterprise IT administrators rejoice! wePresent's Collaborative Management Suite (CMGS) is now available! CMGS is specifically designed for enterprise clients who need a robust solution for managing wePresent models in a large deployment environment.

ManagementSuite can be used as a standalone solution via web control or integrated with your existing enterprise AV management software utilizing Rest API.

management-suite-support.pngQuickly and easily view the status, health and activity on any unit within your sytem. Power cycle units, diagnose network connection issues and change unit settings without moving from room to room, quickly and easily. 

Network administrators can also dynamically update start screen wallpaper on the units in their environment.  Remind users of corporate holidays, alert them to inclement weather, or even share in office news quickly and easily without the need to power cycle units for changes to take place.

management-suite-schedule.pngThe ManagementSuite also allows updates, like firmware upgrades,  to units to be schedules for one or multiple units. 

Kiss those early morning update jobs goodbye and easily and quickly schedule and monitor the progress of updates to your wePresent units.

All scheduled commands and their status can be viewed from Scheduler screen. For the largest deployments, scheduled updates can also be filtered by location, unit type or date to execute.management-suite-user.pngFor larger IT departments, CMGS allows the creation of multiple users with varying level of access.  

Have a tech assigned to one campus? Allow them to manage units at their location while restricting their ability to update units at others.  Need to provide your IT management staff with full access? No problem.  Each user has their own access rights and a unique history log so activities can be monitored. 

Want to deploy CMGS in your environment? Visit our website to request CMGS.


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