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What Was That Great Idea? Meeting Minutes Made Easy

Written by Jennifer Sturges | Find me on: LinkedIn


Spontaneous collaboration.  Engaging teams on the fly brings innovative, group work to the forefront of your organization, a goal for many modern companies.  However, effective meetings only become effective actions when everyone is on the same page on the what, how and whom of the decisions made.  

Why Document Meetings?

Documenting decisions in a meeting through meetings notes allows several pitfalls of spontaneous collaboration to be overcome:

The Vicious Loop of “He Said / She Said”

When the details of meetings are documented and shared with stakeholders, accountability is clear. They act as a factual record for what was discussed even when colleagues may have different recollections about what took place.

The “Now What?” Mentality

Documenting meetings creates clear action plans for both leadership and employees.  It gives everyone involved the how, when, why and whom of the decision made. 

The “I Wasn’t There” Dilemma

When team members are unable to attend meetings, documenting the meeting allows those individual an opportunity to be kept in the loop.

The “What Went Wrong” Conundrum

Inevitably not all projects or work objectives will be completed successfully.  Documenting meetings allows for managers to look back historically to the events involved in the process, identify pitfalls and work to improve them for the future. 

Meeting Minutes Made Easy

In the pre-tech ages documenting meetings may have been a task designed to a meeting member, or secretary brought along to purely be a fly on the wall with a notepad.  In open office environments where agile use of huddle spaces is common place, who has time to ask someone to take notes, and honesty, who wants to?

wePresent wireless presentation systems allow for content, annotations and whiteboard content created during meetings to be documented and saved on a USB drive.   No need to type away during those meetings, simply plug a thumb drive into the front of the unit and the entire presentation becomes easily consumable images to be shared later via email or a shared folder for the team.

For individuals attending meetings, WebSlides allows users to log on and see the presentation, annotations and whiteboard content from the meeting in real time on their own device.  The meeting member can quickly save content related their responsibilities allowing words to become actions quickly and easily without waiting for the presentation to be shared after the fact.

Learn more about WebSlides and all the wePresent features designed to inspire interactive collaboration on our website. 


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