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Our Top Classroom App Picks

Written by Steven Faught | Find me on:

technology in the classroom

More and more educators and schools are integrating technology in the classroom. It’s no surprise that we are seeing more education-focused apps out in the market. Picking out the right app to use in the classroom can get overwhelming, so we’ve listed down our top picks for classroom apps.


Whether you are writing a term paper, research project, or thesis, you will need to cite all your sources. Easy does all that for you, no matter the type of source or format you need your citation in.

Don't sell your new console just to get textbooks. Chegg helps you find used textbooks at only a fraction of the cost! I have yet to find the Half-Blood Prince's copy of Advanced Potion-Making, but I am still hopeful.

This is pretty much self-explanatory. No need to embarrass yourself in English Class.

One of the most complete note taking apps i have encountered. Insert pictures that you took of today's lecture then add your own notes to that picture. export your notes to pdf, create mindmaps. This app has it all.

You wake up go to school and are presented a problem. It can be solved very easily but completely forgot the equation needed to solve it. iFormulas provides you with a great resource that provides over 380 different formulas definitions and properties.

Wolfram Alpha
By far the best math app i have encountered. Input a mathematical equation and it gives you not only the answer, but it also sputs out the inverse and steps on how it got to the answer. Great for any math course from elementary through college.

Okay I know Ive put in a lot of math apps but there are a lot of people who need the extra help ( I am definitely one of them). This app is a photo calculator. That is pretty much all you need to know, but for explanations sake, this app lets you scan or take a photo of a math problem then gives you the answer AND gives you the steps needed to solve it. At the very worst it is a great app to play with.

Khan Academy Now this is an app. Khan academy is packed with so much info you’ll feel like Johnny Mnemonic.

Dragon Dictation
This is a greath speech to text app. Take down notes, send a text, write an email, update your social media. All can be done completely hands free.

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