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Presenting Wirelessly from the WiPG with the Windows OS

Written by Steven Faught | Find me on:

We are not sure how to put more emphasis on how easy it is to use wePresent’s WiPG wireless presentation system. If you repeat the words “wePresent’s WiPG wireless presentation system” over and over again while following the steps below, it would probably only take you 8 rounds before you get connected.


There really are only four easy steps to get your screen on the display with the WiPG. Let’s take the privilege of assuming your laptop, tablet, or smartphone is on and you’ve had your coffee before stepping into the meeting.


1. Connect your device to the Wi-Fi signal the WiPG is broadcasting.

2. Launch the software on your laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

3. Enter the code you see on the screen projected by the WiPG to the software.

4. You will see your name on the screen and that lets you know you are connected.


It will take just a few seconds for you to connect and launch your display on the screen. Since you've cut the set-up time by an average of 98.3%, consider the following optional steps for optimal experience:


1. Meditate. Clear your mind, breathe in - breathe out, say "ohhmmm" for 1 minute.

2. Do vocal / tongue exercises. Recommended tongue twister: she sells sea shells by the sea shore for 1 minute.

3. Show everyone a quick 1 minute clip of an algorithm march on YouTube and suggest that your company implements a mandatory algorithm performance every 2:00pm.

4. Spend 1 minute and 55 seconds defending your algorithm suggestion.


Algorithm March

Disclaimer: wePresent would like to apologize in advance for the disappointment from your company’s rejection of your algorithm march proposal. We kept our toes crossed for you too.


Or you can also just make another cup of coffee. How you spent this newly-found extra time is entirely up to you. We are sincerely happy to help. Eliminating the additional steps on presentation set-up and saving a few extra minutes for you and your meeting participants is just one of the things that makes our WiPG presentation devices a phenomenal success.

No need to thank us though, if your company approves your algorithm march suggestion. You can spend the extra time thinking of choreography during your next meeting.

A video tutorial of how to connect your Windows OS device to the WiPG system, please click here.


*this percentage is assuming you cut down your set-up time to 5 seconds from 5 minutes. The percentage might be bigger if you always have to find the right wires to connect your device to the projector.

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