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Ready To Go Back To The Future with Wireless Presentation Systems?

Written by Ed Pham | Find me on: LinkedIn


Welcome 2015! In a few months, Marty McFly and Doc Brown will arrive and might be surprised to find how we are not that behind in technology as compared to what Back to The Future II predicted. We have hands-free video games, Google Glass, watches that predict weather, flat screen TVs, oil-less fryers, and wireless presentation systems. Technology is in constant development to make life easier.

The question now is: are you riding the waves into the future, or are you still stuck in the past?

It’s been years since our wireless presentation systems have been released, and if you’re still stumbling with wires and cords in the office then 2015 is your time to get started.


How do Wireless Presentation Systems work?

We’ve spent years developing our device to give you an intuitive and hassle-free wireless presentation system.

Far different than the Apple TV, our cross-platform, BYOD ready, and interactive device is so easy to use you won’t need a manual. So whether you’re a teacher using a Galaxy Tablet, a CEO using a MacBook, a college student using an iPhone, or a tech using a Windows computer, everyone can enjoy simultaneously presenting.

Our wePresent system supports up to 64 devices and displays up to 4 screens at a time. All you really need to do is connect to the Wi-Fi signal from your wePresent device (or if you have your wePresent device hardwired by LAN to your company network, simply connect to the company network). From there you just need to launch the wePresent client software, and enter the 4 digit number displayed on the standby screen.

For free video tutorials, http://wepresentwifi.com/training-videos.html


How do I ensure I have a secured network for my wireless presentation device?

It is always a good business practice to have a secured network, especially in an enterprise-level environment. With or without a wireless presentation device, Wi-Fi environments are susceptible to threats if not properly secured. Below are a few (easy) tips in network security.

  1. Consider installing a WLAN Security Suite.

Recent improvements have been made on WLAN Security, mainly because thousands of businesses thrive on Wi-Fi and banning Wi-Fi is simply not an option for most.

  1. Be smart with your password

Make sure you are not using the straight-from-the-box password. Pick a complex passphrase.

  1. Disable WPS

Check if your router is using Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), disable it. This was an optional feature in routers to make it easier for devices to connect to the Wi-Fi without needing to enter the passphrase.

  1. Hide your SSID

Opt not to broadcast your SSID (network name). Set up your connection and give the SSID and the passphrase to people who would need to connect on a regular basis.

  1. Set up a guest network

A guest network will allow temporary users to connect to the internet while strictly isolating them from accessing internal servers and computers.

  1. Don't allow admin access from a wireless network

This makes any changes to your Wi-Fi router to be done using a wired local area connection.

  1. Be clear with your internet use policies

Clearly define what is considered internet abuse and enforce the rules against it. This may include accessing social networks, NSFW sites, using email address for non-work related emails, P2P, and IM.

  1. Create a strong firewall security

A firewall whether a software program or piece of hardware helps screen out hackers, viruses, and worms that try to reach your computer or server over the internet.

Adding a wireless presentation system in a secured enterprise-level network environment will definitely make things easier (and cooler) for meetings, trainings, and conferences. Welcome Marty McFly and Doc Brown in style but make sure your meeting room, conference room, and training room is in a secured environment. I’m positive they’d be thrilled to see how tech-savvy your presentation is.


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