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Taking the Googlification of Classroom to the Next Level

Written by Jennifer Sturges | Find me on: LinkedIn


More than half of the devices shipped to primary and secondary schools in the United States are Chromebooks.  Impacting more than 30 million children across the nation, Google has taken over the classroom by providing tech leaders in the education space with affordable devices and an expansive collection of apps designed specifically designed for learning.

Technology driven classrooms allows active participation by students during the learning experience.  Traditional, passive learning has become an outdated method with instructors leaning on engaging students to add value and relevance to their lesson plans.

Equipping students with Chromebooks if the first step in higher engagement rates, the second? Allowing that content to be shared with the rest of the class.

With active learning and flipped classrooms becoming standard teaching methods across the nation, presentation solutions like wePresent allows students to not only use technology to learn, but also to share.

The WiCS-2100 is the only presentation solution currently on the market that allows full integration of on board features to individuals connected by Chromecast.  No additional software or apps need to be loaded on the device, simply ensure the presentation unit and the Chromebook are on the same network and connect using the native Chromecast app.

With up to 4 individuals presenting at a time, students can simultaneously share and work collaboratively on a single display.  One student may have created a diagram using Lucid Charts for which they’d like feedback.  Another may be tasked with assigning tasks for the projects using Wunderlist.

When it’s time to shift from small group learning to a full classroom discussion, the teacher can use Conference Control to lock down the presentation display to show only their content.  For classrooms designed with huddle groups, 1 to Many Distribution allows the teachers content to be seen on all the displays within the environment.

Combining wePresent presentations solutions with Chromebooks furthers the development of important workplace skills such as problem solving, communication and the ability to work well with others with technology driven applications that teach traditional academic knowledge. 

Learn more about collaborative learning solutions from wePresent in our education video.

Watch Our Collaborative Learning Video





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