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Teaching Techniques: Tips to Destress for Teachers

Written by Steven Faught | Find me on:

 Whoever said that teachers have it easy clearly had no idea that teaching is the unglamorous version of a one-man show, but there are a few things that teachers can do. So read on and hopefully one of these can help make your day a little easier.

Teachers can choose to turn their classrooms into a drama set, a newsroom, and practically any other form of entertainment you can think of, complete with a script, props and audience interaction. As amazing as it is to do this every day, it can also get pretty exhausting. Teachers can’t really hide under a rock and expect the grades to make themselves when they return so what can they do to take a breather? Read on and find out.


1. Break things down into smaller tasks

Set a schedule for every deliverable. Slowly but surely work on big projects. Cramming will only lead to mediocre results whereas planning ahead will help you pay attention to every little detail. This is important because aside from making sure that you have every nook and cranny covered, you will also be able to anticipate what could go wrong and prepare for possible disasters.

2. Don’t forget to have fun

If children learn better when they have fun, then teachers probably teach better if they have fun too! Make classroom discussions alive by using visual aids that will be a feast for the eyes. Multimedia presentations should be informative and entertaining and lectures should be brief and interactive. Give roles to for students to take (i.e. debates or campaigns), come to school in costume (i.e. for history or literature classes) and allow them to play games (i.e. game show type assessments) every once in a while. Your students will be grateful for the opportunity to learn and enjoy.

3. Stay away from coffee and energy drinks

Unless you want to crash as soon as you reach home and wake up cranky the following day. Being high on caffeine will only keep you on edge for the rest of the day. A good night’s sleep is the simplest yet most effective remedy to a stressful day. Tell yourself that you did your best today, and if things didn’t work out as planned, you can still try again tomorrow. If you do item no. 1 correctly, you do not have to worry about running after the clock and looking like a train wreck every day.

4. Make time for yourself

It is so easy to lose yourself in your work especially if you are dealing with younger children (craft paper, glitter and glue everywhere!). However, do not forget that work and life balance is very important. Find a hobby and devote yourself to it at least 1 hour every day. This will help you recharge and clear your mind of worry and stress. Know that it is not selfish to want time for yourself even for just a little while. You give yourself to your students more time in a day than you give yourself in a week. Give yourself a break.

5. Give thanks

No matter how tough it gets, never forget to be grateful for the opportunity to shape young minds and create future leaders. Teaching may be one of the most underrated jobs but it is also one of the best, precisely because how many people can actually say that their jobs are worth something, and will always be worth something?

Keep those apples away and start bringing in the lemons to turn into lemonade! Happy Teaching!



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