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The Best for Higher Ed:A Recap of EDUCAUSE 2017

Last week I, along with many others from the wePresent team,  had the opportunity to converge and share with the people of higher education at EDUCAUSE 2017.  The week was full of excellent raining, presenters such as Michio Kaku, futurist, physicist and best-selling offer and Temple Grandin, a pioneer for Autistic individuals and who is best known for her work in animal sciences at Colorado State University.

In addition training and presentations, attendees had the opportunity to experience first-hand solutions for their universities and schools in the exhibition hall.  While I spent most of my time sharing collaborative learning experiences offered by wePresent, I did have the chance to peruse the hall for other new and interesting ideas in the space. 

Here’s a recap of the booths and solutions that turned heads at EDUCAUSE 2017:

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