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Feature Friday: Teacher/Moderator Conference Control

We talk a lot about the wePresent's ability to connect up to 64 users together for collaborative efforts, but what does it actually mean to work with that? Moderator control allows a teacher or meeting leader to choose which devices are displayed - up to 4 at a time - from a handy web control panel, meaning you'll be able to work together with your audience, rather than just talking to them. Learning how to use the moderator control panel is easy, and only takes a few minutes to master. Let's take a look.

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How to Prepare for Meetings: 3 Tips for Being a Better Participant

There's no getting around it: meetings, outside of email, are where most communication happens inside of the workplace. While a lot of information gets conveyed via emails, text messages, and phone calls, a lot is lost in terms of communication, and meetings give us that physical space to share with each other while zinging information back and forth. There are those people who are annoyed by ineffective meetings, those that sometimes discount what they could be doing to make them better: they could just come prepared for those meetings.

What are the best ways to prepare for an effective meeting? Well, let's get into that, shall we?

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Wireless Wrap-Up: wePresent Europe Demo Day

While InfoComm is our biggest event of the year, by far (and just around the corner to boot!), wePresent makes an effort to get out there and educate the world on the wonders of wireless presentation on a daily basis. Finding new ways to go out into the world and tell the good word about cross-platform compatibility is a bit of a passion for us, and recently, our Europe office declared this past May 25th to be the official "wePresent Demo Day". Taking place in Nieuwegein, Netherlands, Demo Day was a chance to get the wePresent in front of current and future users of the hardware, ensuring they were truly getting use of the wePresent's full potential.

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4 Statistics That Will Change the Way You Have Meetings

Meetings are a reality of the business world. From the largest company-wide seminar, on down to 15-minute scrums with the people who work on a project you're leading, there's a wide range of ways to exchange ideas with your team. But there are a few things you should know about business mettings that may change the way you conduct them.

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Crafting a Wireless Presentation, Pt. 4: The Dos and Don'ts of Presenting

For a lot of people, actually standing in front of a room and speaking is the hardest part about giving a presentation. You might be one of those people. It's possible that you've skipped parts one, two, and three of this series because you're the kind of person who is pretty whiz-bang with a pen, but a bit of a milquetoast in front of the board room. That's alright, we welcome all sorts here.

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Crafting a Wireless Presentation, Pt. 3: Multimedia and Collaboration


Alright, so we've started out with a plan, written out our presentation into a cohesive story, now it's time to start applying the clearcoat and waxing out the scratches. Now, you may have the kind of presentation that doesn't require a whole lot of videos, graphs, or that sort of malarky, but there are still stylistic elements to consider. The best presentations in the world today, such as the keynote presentations given by Apple or Google, all make judicious use of various types of media, and each multimedia element of that mix is carefully selected.

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Crafting a Wireless Presentation, Pt. 2: Writing and Rewriting

Now, I know you're looking at that title and thinking "My word, you're going to teach me to write and edit a presentation in under 800 words?" Well, no. If I could teach a crash course in writing a presentation in 800 words or less, then it wouldn't be a subject worth approaching, would it? But, as Shel Silverstein told us, the best way to eat a whale appears to be by starting with tiny bites, so let's carve off an appetizing slice of this particular sea mammal and get to chewin'.

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Crafting a Wireless Presentation, Pt. 1: Outlining


To paraphrase Ferris Bueller, technology moves pretty fast, and if you don’t stop to take a look at it every once in awhile, it might pass you by. As more offices, schools, and other meeting areas move toward wireless presentation, you have to stop and ask yourself if you’re really taking advantage of all that the technology can give you. Better tech doesn’t just mean a smaller casing for the finished hardware, after all. There’s a lot in every wePresent that’s changed from the old computer-and-a-projector setups, as much as there was between those setups and the slide projectors they replaced.

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Outside the Box: Slide Roulette with Wireless Presentation

Have you ever heard of Ignite? It's basically a community event where anyone can speak for 5 minutes about any topic, accompanied by a 20-slide presentation. Ignite speakers talk about business ideas, community issues, harrowing tales of adventure, or just talk about their favorite hobbies. They've become popular enough that most cities that have some sort of higher learning institution usually host an Ignite event.

And while that's fun and interesting in and of itself, the best part of Ignite has to be Slide Roulette. Same concept as a typical 5-minute Ignite speech, except with one awesome twist: you don't get to choose your slideshow. For five minutes, you stand in front of a crowd, doing your best to riff off someone else's Ignite presentation, of which every slide is as much a surprise to you as it is to the audience. Some people naturally freeze up, some flounder their way through, and a lucky few are able to play the crowd like a mandolin, quickly and skillfully repurposing slideshows into standup comedy routines.

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Ready To Go Back To The Future with Wireless Presentation Systems?

By Ed Pham

Welcome 2015! In a few months, Marty McFly and Doc Brown will arrive and might be surprised to find how we are not that behind in technology as compared to what Back to The Future II predicted. We have hands-free video games, Google Glass, watches that predict weather, flat screen TVs, oil-less fryers, and wireless presentation systems. Technology is in constant development to make life easier.

The question now is: are you riding the waves into the future, or are you still stuck in the past?

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