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Outside the Box: Slide Roulette with Wireless Presentation

Have you ever heard of Ignite? It's basically a community event where anyone can speak for 5 minutes about any topic, accompanied by a 20-slide presentation. Ignite speakers talk about business ideas, community issues, harrowing tales of adventure, or just talk about their favorite hobbies. They've become popular enough that most cities that have some sort of higher learning institution usually host an Ignite event.

And while that's fun and interesting in and of itself, the best part of Ignite has to be Slide Roulette. Same concept as a typical 5-minute Ignite speech, except with one awesome twist: you don't get to choose your slideshow. For five minutes, you stand in front of a crowd, doing your best to riff off someone else's Ignite presentation, of which every slide is as much a surprise to you as it is to the audience. Some people naturally freeze up, some flounder their way through, and a lucky few are able to play the crowd like a mandolin, quickly and skillfully repurposing slideshows into standup comedy routines.

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Ready To Go Back To The Future with Wireless Presentation Systems?

By Ed Pham

Welcome 2015! In a few months, Marty McFly and Doc Brown will arrive and might be surprised to find how we are not that behind in technology as compared to what Back to The Future II predicted. We have hands-free video games, Google Glass, watches that predict weather, flat screen TVs, oil-less fryers, and wireless presentation systems. Technology is in constant development to make life easier.

The question now is: are you riding the waves into the future, or are you still stuck in the past?

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Teaching Techniques: Tips to Destress for Teachers

 Whoever said that teachers have it easy clearly had no idea that teaching is the unglamorous version of a one-man show, but there are a few things that teachers can do. So read on and hopefully one of these can help make your day a little easier.

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5 Bad Habits Speakers Must Avoid At All Times

Public speaking is a skill and like any other skill, it is learned and improved upon. Honing this skill takes practice, mostly in front of the mirror, but it also takes willingness to accept and understand that certain habits need to be avoided. Here are 5 common bad habits speakers, even experienced ones, sometimes fall prey to.

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How WePresent's WiPG Device Works with SMART Boards

So you’ve got that spanking new SMART board in the office and you’re up for the end-of-month report.

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wePresent Tips: Better Brainstorming

Brainstorming is an essential skill to gather thoughts and ideas on your own or from a group of people. Oftentimes, however, you hit a stone wall, lack energy and concentration, can't find a conducive place to work, or feel inadequate when having to share information in a group. We at wePresent understand how important it is to for brainstorming sessions to be productive and empowering. Here are some helpful tips to help you hurdle those obstacles.

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Comparison: wePresent’s WiPG System vs. AppleTV

We think the AppleTV is an awesome device. This palm-size gadget lets users access movies, TV shows, sports, music, and more in 1080p HD by connecting it to your TV via an HDMI cable. Its AirPlay feature allows users share their Mac or iOs device screen on an HDTV through Apple TV. With a price tag of $99, we think it’s really cool.


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Presenting Wirelessly from the WiPG with the Windows OS

We are not sure how to put more emphasis on how easy it is to use wePresent’s WiPG wireless presentation system. If you repeat the words “wePresent’s WiPG wireless presentation system” over and over again while following the steps below, it would probably only take you 8 rounds before you get connected.

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Anatomy of a Good Presentation

Let’s compare a presentation to the human body. We’ve listed down the elements of a presentation as counterparts of the body, with each part having a corresponding function. A good presentation needs all its parts to be healthy.

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Educational Equipment Combo: wePresent works with Ken-A-Vision

Ken-A-Vision is the leading provider of educational equipment for students and teachers across the globe. Their wide range of products includes traditional and digital microscopes, document cameras, and visualisers. Ken-A-Vision has reinvented the classroom by being the industry's only producer of live streaming classroom products.

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