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Feature Friday: Pairing and Using SharePod

Earlier this year, we introduced the SharePod, our point-to-point solution for "everything else". SharePod allows you to take just about any device with an unencrypted HDMI output and stream it live to your wePresent unit. Compatible with both the WiPG-1600 and the WiPG-2000, the SharePod does all the rendering for other devices, meaning you can use a digital camera, microscope, or document reader just as you would any other mobile device connected to your wireless gateway. Today, we'll go over how to pair a SharePod to your wePresent, how to use it, and a few other little things.

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Wireless World News: July 2016

Summer has been a busy month for your favorite wireless presentation gateway, but we've managed to make some splashes here and there. We've been up to a lot after InfoComm and ISTE, including a golf tournament in Europe, a partner school being featured at Model Schools out in Orlando, and a couple more Best-Of-Show awards coming out of trade show season.

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Life With SharePod

She steps into the office around 9:13 AM, thanks to a nasty traffic snarl caused by a jackknifed truck on the freeway. She walks in, hair dripping from the rain, her briefcase slung under one shoulder, and waves at the receptionist as she walks by, making a beeline for the elevator. Up two floors, and she finds the conference room without much hassle. As she walks in, she feels the eyes of her team, who have been waiting on her for sixteen minutes by this point, and she pulls out her laptop and boots it up.

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Introducing SharePod: Wireless Presentation for Everything Else!



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