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The Hour of Code: 4 Ways to Introduce Programming to the Classroom

The Hour of Code is BIG news right now in the world of classroom technology. Across the nation, people are setting up computers in their classrooms and teaching a few lines of JavaScript or Python with the help of tools from the programming community. These events are all-ages (you're just as likely to see an Hour of Code in a community college continuing education classroom as you area an elementary school), they're fast, and they're fun to do.

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Blast Off to Wireless Collaboration! - Kerbal Space Program on the wePresent

Space is big lately, and there’s no place it’s bigger than education. An entire generation of scientists, engineers, doctors, and other world-changers are growing up around us. We, as adults, have a responsibility to not only teach the next generation, but to make the things they learn interesting.

Space offers an interesting opportunity to showcase the kind of collaborative learning our product is known for, but it’s also just a fun thing to think about. Here, we’ll use the popular spaceflight simulator, Kerbal Space Program, along with a couple of mods and, of course, the wePresent. Our objective is to create a realistic simulation of what a mission to space would be like.

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BYOD: Classroom Technology is Getting Personal

As a planet, we have grown to love our technology. We carry cell phones with us where ever we go, fiddle with tablets while we sit on trains, or tap away at laptops inside coffee shops. Our devices become personalized with that use, and we learn their unique networks of scratches and dents and dings. At some point, when we’ve carried a device long enough, it becomes a part of us. Is it any wonder that it would start to be the same with technology in classrooms?

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Creating Smart Classrooms with wePresent

Smart classrooms have been a rising trend in education for some time now, and with the kind of results they deliver, it’s anticipated that even more students of all disciplines will be educated in them.

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Looking Forward: Distance Learners and Technology in the Classroom

Technology in the classroom has become a very powerful tool, and no students have seen the benefits of those changes more than students who attend classes via distance learning technology. Since the 1930’s, teachers and schools have worked toward bringing the classroom to those who were unable to learn in a face-to-face environment at school.

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wePresent: Helping to Create Collaboration in the Classroom

Collaborative learning is not a new concept in education, but classroom technology has advanced to a point where it has become easier. Students find the learning process easier when working in a group, and technology in classrooms has advanced to a point where that collaboration can have a higher degree of instructor interaction. 

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Webslides - A Great Classroom Technology You Might Not Know About

What is Webslides?

wePresent, a leading provider of classroom technology solutions, invites you to take a look into a feature of the wePresent wireless presentation system called Webslides.

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Our Top Classroom App Picks

More and more educators and schools are integrating technology in the classroom. It’s no surprise that we are seeing more education-focused apps out in the market. Picking out the right app to use in the classroom can get overwhelming, so we’ve listed down our top picks for classroom apps.

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Tips for Better Management of Technology in the Classroom

There seems to be a never-ending debate on the advantages and disadvantages to living in a world where everything is accessible at the click of a button. For instance, a number of parents and educators are still skeptical about using technology in the classroom precisely because it allows helpful and harmful discoveries.

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Educational Equipment Combo: wePresent works with Ken-A-Vision

Ken-A-Vision is the leading provider of educational equipment for students and teachers across the globe. Their wide range of products includes traditional and digital microscopes, document cameras, and visualisers. Ken-A-Vision has reinvented the classroom by being the industry's only producer of live streaming classroom products.

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