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Feature Friday: Access Codes and Wireless Security

We've instituted the option to lock down your wePresent with a 4-digit code, in order to connect. With security concerns running so high these days, we thought it prudent to provide a way to ensure that the people connecting to the wePresent in your room were actually, you know, in your room. There's a few different options regarding the 4-digit code, however, and enabling it requires making some changes in the wePresent's web admin panel. Don't worry though, read on, and you'll see how easy it is...

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Feature Friday: Custom Startup Screen and Screensaver

When it comes to your meeting spaces, lecture halls, and anywhere else you've got space to personalize, it's important that you take advantage of it. We understand better than most that branding is important, and that a unified brand identity is part of any organization's marketing goals. That's why we've included the ability to customize your wePresent with the imagery of your choice on both the startup screen, as well as the screensaver. Curious how to do it? Read on...

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Life With SharePod

She steps into the office around 9:13 AM, thanks to a nasty traffic snarl caused by a jackknifed truck on the freeway. She walks in, hair dripping from the rain, her briefcase slung under one shoulder, and waves at the receptionist as she walks by, making a beeline for the elevator. Up two floors, and she finds the conference room without much hassle. As she walks in, she feels the eyes of her team, who have been waiting on her for sixteen minutes by this point, and she pulls out her laptop and boots it up.

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iOS 9 Support Added in Firmware Update for WiPG-2000 (v2.0.9.1)



wePresent is proud to announce the second major firmware update for the WiPG-2000, version, which adds several exciting new features, as well as a host of optimizations that provide a much smoother and enjoyable wePresent experience.

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Focus on Features: Connectivity

Being connected is what giving a presentation is all about. Connecting to your audience, connecting to your subject, and connecting to your own speaking skills, all of these (and excuse the repetition) connect in a way that delivers a great message. The content of that message is secondary, it's the connection you make that really matters. Wireless presentation aims to make that connection more visceral, and today, we'll talk about how wePresent helps you adapt to an environment where there is more diversity in connection methods.

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The Year in Wireless Presentation: A Look Back at 2015

As we approach the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016, it's time to take a look back at how far we've come in just 365 days. As a startup in an industry filled with giants, we feel like we've done well not just keeping our heads above the water, but outpacing all the slower swimmers. 2016 will be an even more amazing year for us (more on that later), but for now, we felt it would be nice to gloat...er...look back with pride on our successes this year.

However, it wouldn't be possible to do that if it weren't for you guys. Without our customers, without the IT professionals, without the resellers, integrators, and AV gurus, we wouldn't be here today. We're happy to be your wireless presentation solution, and in 2016, we hope to be the solution for a lot more meeting rooms around the world. Wireless collaboration has invaded businesses, schools, churches, and government offices everywhere, and it has the terrible side effect of making us all more productive, more communicative, and more efficient. Thank you for helping us lead the charge against boring slideshows and monotony.

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Introducing SharePod: Wireless Presentation for Everything Else!



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Blast Off to Wireless Collaboration! - Kerbal Space Program on the wePresent

Space is big lately, and there’s no place it’s bigger than education. An entire generation of scientists, engineers, doctors, and other world-changers are growing up around us. We, as adults, have a responsibility to not only teach the next generation, but to make the things they learn interesting.

Space offers an interesting opportunity to showcase the kind of collaborative learning our product is known for, but it’s also just a fun thing to think about. Here, we’ll use the popular spaceflight simulator, Kerbal Space Program, along with a couple of mods and, of course, the wePresent. Our objective is to create a realistic simulation of what a mission to space would be like.

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Crafting a Wireless Presentation, Pt. 3: Multimedia and Collaboration


Alright, so we've started out with a plan, written out our presentation into a cohesive story, now it's time to start applying the clearcoat and waxing out the scratches. Now, you may have the kind of presentation that doesn't require a whole lot of videos, graphs, or that sort of malarky, but there are still stylistic elements to consider. The best presentations in the world today, such as the keynote presentations given by Apple or Google, all make judicious use of various types of media, and each multimedia element of that mix is carefully selected.

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Crafting a Wireless Presentation, Pt. 2: Writing and Rewriting

Now, I know you're looking at that title and thinking "My word, you're going to teach me to write and edit a presentation in under 800 words?" Well, no. If I could teach a crash course in writing a presentation in 800 words or less, then it wouldn't be a subject worth approaching, would it? But, as Shel Silverstein told us, the best way to eat a whale appears to be by starting with tiny bites, so let's carve off an appetizing slice of this particular sea mammal and get to chewin'.

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