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Wireless World News: Where We've Been and Where We're Going

I don't know a lot of people who could pull a lot of good feelings out of the car wreck that was 2016, but we've never been about looking back here at wePresent. We have, I suppose, on occasion taken a look behind us, to assess what's in the rear-view mirror, but we've always had our eyes firmly on the future. It's with that spirit (mostly resolutely looking ahead with occasional glances behind us to ascertain our path) that I bring you the latest edition of our quarterly Wireless World News, always delivered enthusiastically, but never without a dollop of side-eyed glee.

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Now Hiring: Regional Sales Manager - Central Region

We're ready to add a new member to the wePresent family's US office! We're looking for a channel manager for the Central region of the US who can help us build and improve on our techniques in North America. A full job description and details on how to apply follows after the jump...

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