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Collaborative Management tool now available for wePresent

Written by Marjorie Mejia | Find me on:

From start-ups to multinationals, all businesses agree that innovative, cutting edge technology, and sound tools to manage such technology, are fundamental building blocks to ongoing success. To fulfil these requirements, wePresent is introducing its new Collaborative Management Suite (CMGS).


CMGS is specifically designed for clients who need a robust solution for managing wePresent models within large deployments. Providing IT managers in corporate or educational institutions with an efficient time-saving tool , CMGS addresses the challenges of handling an ever-increasing number of IT devices.

Linux based, CMGS allows easy, web-controlled moderation of all wePresent units.

Advantages of CMGS in large networks include:

  • Save time by quickly and easily viewing the status, health and activity of any unit within your system
  • Power cycle units, diagnose network connection issues and change unit settings remotely
  • Receive real-time notifications of errors/warnings
  • Schedule firmware updates for one or multiple units


  • Adjust every start screen on-the-go, changing the visual identity and/or on-screen explanation of wePresent units quickly and easily without the need to power cycle units
  • View scheduled commands from the Scheduler screen, and filter by location, unit type or date to execute 



  • Assign and manage permissions for on-site tech managers
  • Provide IT management staff with full or partial access to CMGS, so each user has their own access rights and a unique history log to monitor activity
  • Create multiple users with varying level of access – ideal in larger IT departments.


To ensure your wePresent devices are compatible with wePresent’s Collaborative Management Suite, the latest update is available at our Firmware Downloads page.

The firmware not only ensures your unit compatible with CMGS, but also includes Apple Airplay compatibility for iOS 10.3 and MAC OS 10.2.14 as well as the latest security updates.

Video: ManagementSuite

Download Firmware

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