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wePresent’s unique tools: enhancing the collaborative working and learning environment

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When we talk about the award-winning wireless presentation system wePresent, we have highlighted that it is a product that allows up to 64 users to connect and work collaboratively. But what does this technological advance really mean and how can users make the most of it in practice? 

Nowadays, more and more organisations replace books with electronic devices, and new wireless solutions are applied to collaborative spaces, allowing users to participate actively in meetings or classroom discussions. For all this to be possible in a natural and dynamic way, wePresent has developed tools that make it a unique and efficient system, enabling users to have a personalised interaction, applying the participatory methodology correctly.
  • One-to-many projection encourages interactive collaboration

Touch screens are becoming increasingly affordable, and in turn, are peppered far more frequently throughout office meeting rooms, training rooms and huddle spaces. Many wireless presentation systems - including wePresent  can mirror multiple users on a single screen, but how many systems can mirror a user to multiple screens while maintaining control and interactivity?


The one-to-many function is a simple tool, and gives the user the freedom to share content to different screens either in the same meeting room, or in any other company or educational institute within the wePresent’s network. Users simply need to activate the MirropOp software on the computer and select thename of the room or classroom to which they wish to change or multiplycontent. This means all users are able to participate in real time without wiring, keeping the touch control of the device on any of the screens. The need for this tool heightens with continuously changing working and teaching methodologies, such as huddle spaces within an office, or a flipped classroom approach to teaching and learning. It’s imperative that a system is able to adapt flexibly with these changing environments without the need for costly matrix switchers.  

  • BYOD made easy with wePresent’s Webslides

One of the key factors for the success of an interactive and collaborative classroom is ensuring audience participation. With Webslides, the presenter can invite the audience to open their browser, enter the wePresent IP address shown on the standby screen and select the tool. All participants can then view and save on their own device screenshots of the live presentation and follow it at their own pace.

wePresent’s key goal is to promote the technological developments in the classroom and in businesses to improve our day to day collaborative skills. The Webslides tool slots in nicely BYOD (bring your own device) policies - a current and growing trend in both the educational and business worlds. The Webslides tool means any device slots easily into the classroom or boardroom, and presentations can be viewed in real time, downloaded and amended seamlessly without the need for additional plug-ins or further hardware connections.


  •  Conference Control: indispensable for teachers and moderators

Another essential tool that wePresent has developed for all its models is Conference Control. This is an easy control tool for any form of moderator, especially a handy tool for teachers.

While wePresent encourages multi-user collaboration and interaction, order and rules are still important – especially in a classroom. Conference Control allows the teacher or moderator to choose and control which participants' devices are displayed on the main screen, up to four at the same time.

The lock button assists with this - once pressed, the person controlling the wePresent’s cursor is in full control of the conference,and can also control each wePresent user.


Another option is to moderate the conference through a handy web control panel, which can be operated on any computer, tablet or smartphone. A teacher can wander the classroom to choose which student will present next, without the need to plug cables or move devices from place to place.

The security benefits are also apparent, especially in a classroom, since the conference control allows or restricts wePresent users, protecting the presentation of external interruptions - especially in a classroom full of mischievous students.

Thanks to these unique and handy tools, users can get the most out of their wePresent system, giving meaning and order to the interactive collaborative space.


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