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WiPG-2000 Important Firmware Release

Written by Marjorie Mejia | Find me on:

Our development team has released firmware for the wePresent WiPG-2000 model, and encourage upgrading the firmware for anyone currently using versions, or  This upgrade is available from our Firmware Downloads page.


Our new firmware brings Apple Airplay compatibility for iOS 10.3 and MAC OS 10.2.14 to your wePresent. Additionally, addresses isolated technical issues with the WiPG-2000 units locking up during presentations as well as provides important security updates. The new firmware also ensures WiPG-2000 units are fully compatible with our Collaborative Management Suite (CMGS) that launched in the UK last week.

CMGS is specifically designed for enterprise clients who need a robust solution for managing wePresent models in a large deployment environment. This complimentary control system allows IT professionals and network administrators with system controls to monitor, diagnose and update wePresent units within their enterprise environments.  You can learn more about the wePresent Collaborative Management Suite here.

 Download Firmware

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