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wePresent Gets Shiny and Chrome: Chromebook Support Available!

Written by Jacob Moffitt | Find me on: LinkedIn


wePresent has expanded the platforms it is accessible from with the launch of the MirrorOp app for Chromebook. This app provides full wireless presentation and screen mirroring functionality on all ChromeOS devices in addition to Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android, and is currently available in the Chrome Web Store. With the release of the MirrorOp for Chromebooks and other ChromeOS computers,  wePresent has become the first wireless presentation gateway to support Chromebooks and other ChromeOS devices.

Developing a ChromeOS-compatible wireless presentation app has been on wePresent’s radar for some time, but the lower price point of Chromebook computers has caused the popularity of the operating system to grow, making it necessary for wePresent to grow as well.  ChromeOS has become common in classrooms and meeting spaces around the world, due to both its low price-point and versatility.


Support for Chromebook came bundled with the previous firmware update (v2.0.9.1), but development on the Chromebook application has been ongoing. wePresent first previewed Chromebook functionality at NCCE 2016 in Seattle, WA this February, to a crowd that was primarily education-focused. ChromeOS compatibility isn’t just important for the education markets either. According to market share reports, B2B sales of ChromeOS notebooks have increased every year since 2013. A lower price point coupled with easy deployment mean these versatile notebooks have been gaining traction as an affordable enterprise solution.

The lastest update to the wePresent WiPG-2000 firmware also brought with it a number of other changes, including iOS 9 compatibility for iPad and iPhones through AirPlay. The upgraded firmware also decreased latency from the wePresent when streaming from AirPlay, added a QR code to facilitate a faster connection, and added the ability to customize the screensaver on individual wePresent units in order to better brand your meeting spaces.

Our release of the Chromebook application precedes the release of the WiPG-1600, which is currently available for preview on the trade show circuit, and will be available for sale next month. The WiPG-1600 is intended to integrate into meeting spaces and classrooms where current collaborative technology already exists, such as touchscreen displays and SMART displays already capable of annotation. Chromebook integration is also increasingly important in the education sector, where schools are turning toward enterprise-style solutions in order to save costs for students, staff, and faculty alike.

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