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How wePresent works with Microsoft’s Lync

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Microsoft's Lync is one of the hottest enterprise-ready communications platforms available. It takes pride in its ability to make internal and external communications easy and efficient with its instant messaging, voice, and video meetings.

Lync lets users share audio, video, screens, and whiteboards. Lync also supports HD video conferencing, so you can keep the display clear and crisp on our WiPG enabled presentations. It allows multiple HD video streams for its conferences. You can opt to share any video stream during the conference, or simply have your profile photo displayed – in case you haven’t gotten to putting your make up on or brushing your hair yet.

It’s mobile compatible with its apps for Windows, iOS, and Android phones. Joining a conference is a click away on any mobile device. Its web app lets participants join a Lync meeting through a web browser without any limitations. That’s full online meeting experience with voice, HD video, collaboration, and screen sharing. Setting up a virtual meeting or conference is a breeze with Lync for both onsite and virtual participants.

One of the best features of Lync is its Skype support. You can add your external contacts’ Skype profiles so your contacts don’t have to have Lync to contact you. Through Skype, a free communications tool, you can share presence and statuses, and have instant messaging and call capabilities. Lync will show you what the available options are for reaching your contacts. It will also show you which of your contacts is the “Presenter”, and who is “Working Elsewhere”.

Users can also create and participate in internal virtual rooms to discuss and collaborate in real-time on a topic. Specify the workgroup and send out the invitations to selected people to ensure productivity. Have joined a hundred discussion rooms? No problem, Lync allows discussions to be searchable and to continue over time to ensure involvement and sharing.

Broadcasting your Lync meetings on wePresent's WiPG wireless presentation system will encourage your onsite team to be focused and collaborative while impressing your offsite contact. Your client can join and participate in your meetings from wherever they are as long as they have access to the internet. Another great way to use Lync with the WiPG system is to conduct interviews. Send job applicants invites to panel interviews on Lync while your team is on the WiPG for a quick evaluation.

Lync comes with Microsoft’s Office, and wePresent’s WiPG wireless presentation system is..well, you know where it’s available.

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