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We’ve Upgraded the WiPG-1600: Here’s What’s New

Written by Jennifer Sturges | Find me on: LinkedIn

We've enhanced our cross platform wireless presentation system, the WiPG-1600 to offer multiple connection types as well as added features designed to inspire interactive meetings and learning spaces. 

Greater Networking Flexibility

WiPG-1600 now supports wireless LAN connections offering greater networking flexibility.  WiPG-1600 is configurable to be connected via wired LAN, wireless LAN or by combining both wired + wireless LAN connections.

A Robust Interactive Experience

WiPG-1600 is still competitively priced, but now includes smart and considerate features that address the needs in a variety of meeting and learning scenarios.

USB Media / Document Player

Sometimes content sharing doesn’t come from a computer or mobile device. For presenters who need to share documents, photos or video without logging in using their own technology, a USB token, (often called a thumb drive) can be plugged directly into the wePresent. The presenter can than open files such as PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, pictures, audio or video files. wePresent has covered all the bases by giving presenters many options to access and show their material by making ease of use a key factor.

1 to Many Distribution

Display presentations from your device to multiple wePresents at the same time, increasing the reach of your message. An ideal solution for large university lecture halls, trade show keynote speakers or anywhere large groups need to view a single presentation. Network-connected wePresents are your wireless multi-display presentation solution.


On Screen Annotation

In both meetings and classrooms, note taking and whiteboard drawings are a must-have. On screen annotation takes these activities and integrates them on your display, allowing for full interactivity of your presentation.  These interactive presentations can be sent to audience members via WebSlides or saved for later using a USB memory drive plugged into the wePresent unit.


On Board Video Player

Tired of grainy videos and frozen screens? Stream video files directly to the wePresent with full resolution and no latency. Instead of mirroring your computer or device, wePresent will buffer and play the content directly from itself.  With the capability of streaming video content at up to 30fps, wePresent offers a quality viewing experience without pixilation or lag. No more frustration with choppy videos and unwanted pauses.

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

No power? No problem! Clean installation for clean presentations, wePresent units can utilize Power Over Ethernet (PoE). Ditch the power cord and tap into the full power of your Ethernet connection by powering your presentation unit with a network cable.


Interactive Whiteboard

In both meetings and classrooms, note taking and whiteboard drawings are common place. The Interactive Whiteboard experience brings this activity to your presentation environment.  With a few clicks you can write and draw directly on the presentation screen using either a white or blackboard environment. Need to make a statement? Change the color and width of the drawing tool to make your content shine.


The new WiPG-1600 promises to take your presentation experience to a new, interactive level.  Discover all its features on our website.

WiPG-1600 Product Page

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