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A Wireless Interactive Presentation Solution

Written by Cory Cannon | Find me on: LinkedIn

WePresent - A Wireless Interactive Presentation Solution

Welcome to the wePresent WiFi World

To ALL of my speaker friends that may ever use a projector or display screen of any kind: welcome to the wePresent WiFi world. In this world exists a wireless interactive presentation solution -- where your awkward moments of problem-solving wire lengths, outlet distances, and lost emotional impact from your message with technical troubleshooting seem to nearly vanish. wePresent is a wireless presentation system that allows you to give your presentation, wirelessly and in full HD, from any device you choose. Yup.

wireless interactive presentation solution

As a traveling presenter throughout last year, different facilities had different setups-- from having a projector (or not), to having a TV (or not), to not having anything but a room... And I thought I was solving those headaches myself by investing in a pocket projector. Easy solution, right? Nope. Then I had trouble with engineering getting the right angle upwards, then the projection was too small, then the image was blurry and lacked definition... Why couldn't I solve what seemed to be one problem after another??! It just wasn't cost effective to canvas every location before speaking to check out the facility layout and setup. And getting information from the staff at the facilities was still very basic and oversimplified-- meaning I still had to stumble through a learning curve of defining how specific my questions needed to be.

Finally, I've concluded this: no matter how refined my questions about the setup over the phone, and no matter what I tried to plan for (including bringing my own portable projector and pop-up screen), I seemed to ALWAYS run into tech problems. And believe me, it rattled me enough by my own self-consciousness and how those present and watching me were perhaps perceiving me as unprepared, that I had some nervous starts... Because although I believe in BEING THE MESSAGE, with or without props, when your CONTENT IS ONLINE COACHING, I kinda have to have something to SHOW the audience for it to connect. I can't just say, "Click here and you'll see this, then type that and click this," and expect them to know what I'm talking about without showing them. Sometimes we really need more SHOW for our tell.

In fact, I recently attended a full day conference where several presenters were on stage, back to back. Each presenter was rather moving or energetic, yet when it was time to transition to the next, there was 5 to 10 minutes of trying to get video to work, the emcee graciously filling talk time while the IT guy was troubleshooting this and that, and the presenter at last, after the awkward spell, was able to awkwardly play her jazzy hyped intro music for 10 seconds and then (dynamic change again) speak into the mike with a normal, "I'm so excited to be here!" And the prezi continued until the next presenter. And after the high-voltage previous content, there again, the awkward silence-- everyone watch the next presenter unplug and replug, tech guy fiddling... If only the facility or host had known of this new world. The wePresent world.

So, as a single presenter from my other experiences, it would have been SOOO great to have had a true wireless interactive presentation solution, like the wePresent system, to insure the consistent impact I, as the presenter, work so hard to create. Perhaps not every presentation NEEDS to display material, but if you do, you gotta get one of these!

If you're an event coordinator or facility manager, you've GOTTA get one of these. What a great value add for offering a higher level of professionalism to offer a seamless transition between presenters.

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