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Wireless: Outside the Conference Room

Written by Steven Faught | Find me on:

The most common uses for wePresent ‘s wireless presenation systems are in the conference rooms and classrooms. It could be for a presentation, meeting, thesis defence, prom, or whatever closed-room function your company or school has.

Undeniably, there are many uses for a wireless presentation device, but it’s not all-exclusive to the conference room or classroom. Here are 7 unconventional suggestions to use wePresent for:


  1. Restaurants

Your chefs can stream a live cooking show while the diners are waiting for their food. It’s a better version of restaurants with their own radio stations playing their selected songs and ads. With wePresent’s wireless presentation devices, restaurants can feature their own chefs making their own house specials. The devices connected to the WiPG can also download the recipes after the clips. You might just impress your diners enough to get them to order 2 rounds of desserts.


  1. Airplanes

Have you been stuck on a 14-hour flight with no access to a window? Maybe if your plane has a way to let you connect to a live stream of the sunrises / sunsets that you go through while in the sky your claustrophobia will ease a little bit.


  1. Zoos

You can set up a room where your resident zoologists, lion tamers, and turtle experts can give lectures about the animals in the zoo. Encourage your visitors, kids and adults, to learn more about our planet cohabitors and to take care of the environment.


  1. Conventions

Maybe your company has signed up for this year’s job fair, or you’re setting up a booth in ToyCon. Capture the interests of convention participants by letting them connect to a presentation in your booth. Maybe you have a video of your latest “Thirsty Thursday” at work and want show them how much your company “works hard, plays harder”.


  1. Auctions

Finally, the people in the back can see what they’re bidding on.


  1. Amusement Parks

Preview the rollercoasters in first person perspective. Give the adrenaline-junkies something to get hyped about while waiting in line.


  1. Family reunions

Show everyone cute pictures of the latest additions to your family, or make them sit through a 6 minute clip of your cats playing chopsticks on the piano. Show-and-tell reinvented.


If you’ve tried any of these (as presenter or as an audience) let us know how it went. Feel free to leave an out-of-the box suggestion for using a wePresent’s wireless system below.

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