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Wireless World News: July 2016

Written by Jacob Moffitt | Find me on: LinkedIn

Summer has been a busy month for your favorite wireless presentation gateway, but we've managed to make some splashes here and there. We've been up to a lot after InfoComm and ISTE, including a golf tournament in Europe, a partner school being featured at Model Schools out in Orlando, and a couple more Best-Of-Show awards coming out of trade show season.

wePresent Awarded Two Best-Of-Show Awards at ISTE 2016

When we debuted the WiPG-1600 in February of this year, our intention was simple: make a scaled-back version of our flagship model with all of the features that were needed in the classroom, and none of the ones teachers couldn't use. The response to this simple mandate has been nothing short of overwhelming, and at the last three major trade shows we've visited, wePresent has brought home at least one Best-Of-Show award.

At ISTE 2016, the results were no different, as we brought home not one, but two Best-Of-Show awards for the WiPG-1600 and SharePod, both new additions to the wePresent lineup in 2016. As we've stated, the WiPG-1600 is geared toward the education sector, but the SharePod has a home in many other places, give its ability to mirror any device capable of HDMI output.

Back in June, we tore it up at InfoComm 2016 as well. Aside from all the fun we had, and all the great folks we met, the 1600 and SharePod each won a Best-Of-Show award from Sound & Video Contractor...

...and Tech & Learning honored us for the WiPG-1600 there as well. (Wow, Tech & Learning really seems to like our education model!)

And if you take a look a little further back, ISE was also really good for us.  Over in Europe, at ISE, the WiPG-1600 won a Best-Of-Show from NewBay Media, who said "...the WiPG-1600 is an easy to use, easy to manage BYOD solution for wireless sharing."

And rAVe Publications gave the WiPG-1600 the "Best New Product for Higher Ed Market" Award.

Whew! That's a lot! The grand total so far for 2016 is SIX Best-Of-Show awards, which we're incredibly proud to announce. We spent a good portion of last year attempting a fourpeat for Best-Of-Show, so to beat that by two is truly an honor!

Make sure you make time to check out the WiPG-1600 and see what it's all about, and why so many publications have so much good to say about it! A demo will only take about 45 minutes of your day, and we're confident you'll like what you see.

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PTECH Honored at Model Schools 2016 in Orlando

One of our favorite partners in the education sector is the Pathways in Technology Early College High School (also known as PTECH to their friends). PTECH is a newer school in Johnstown, NY, and is completely unlike the high school you went to. I had the pleasure of visiting PTECH for a case study a few months ago, and was totally blown away not only by the way they were teaching and how they were teaching it, but how open and friendly they were to those wishing to know more about the process.

PTECH employs a unique project-based learning curriculum that has more in common with a tech startup than it does with any kind of K-12 school you've seen before. Students are given large, semester-long projects, which are subsequently broken down into easy-to-digest units coinciding with the material that students are learning in the classroom. Essentially, the projects give students the task, but trust that the student will find his or her best way there.

Collaboration, of course, is fundamental to this process, especially when working in small groups. wePresent gave students at PTECH the ability to collaborate on a widespread basis due to their unique network and room setup. Students work in huddle spaces amongst each other, but on-the-fly can work with any wePresent unit in any room in the high school. While it's rare that a student might need to display their work on a screen in another room, it's a good example of exactly how versatile the collaboration system at PTECH is.

Back in November, PTECH was named a "Model School" by the International Center for Leadership in Education, truly a high honor in itself. However, just a few weeks ago, PTECH was part of a breakout discussion at the 2016 Model Schools Conference, where PTECH Principal Michael Dardaris gave a talk entitled "Creating a Culture of Innovation: An Exercise in 'What If…?'", where he was able to talk not only about the PTECH way of learning, but also how the ability to award college credit has created an school where high schoolers are not only excited to learn, but earn visceral, real-world rewards from doing so.

We are extremely proud to be a part of PTECH's success story, and have a couple of PTECH volunteer mentors onstaff here at wePresent. Their continued excellence in the field of K-12 learning reflects the best of what kind of potential EdTech has in making the learning process easier, better, and more fun.

If you're intested in reading the case study we did on PTECH back in April, get in touch with one of our sales team. They'll be happy to provide you a copy, as well as talk to you about the kinds of opportunities that wePresent can open up in your own school.

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The wePresent Distributor/Dealer Golf Tournament & Clinic is Coming Up Soon!

Our Europe office is preparing for a big move in September, and to celebrate our growth as a global family, we'd like to invite all of our partners to come play a few rounds with us, get a few tips on your swing, and participate in a tournament with others in the European AV community.

The First wePresent Distributor Dealer Golf Tournament & Clinic (or, unoffically, the 1st Official wePresent Open) will take place on September 8th and 9th, and is open to all dealers, distributors, and resellers of wePresent products. We'll have a golf pro on hand to give a few lessons on improving your game, and we'll also be playing a Texas Scramble tournament with 4-person teams. Please note that if you don't specify a team when entering, you'll be placed with a team when the tournament begins.

If you're looking for an entry form, drop us a line and we'll get an entry form out to you. The deadline to enter is August 12, 2016, so get those forms in quick!

The move to wePresent's new Europe office will be completed the morning of September 9th, and we'll invite all our European partners to come out and take a look at the new place, as well as get an eyeful of our award-winning product line.

In the mean time, we'd like to invite you all to follow us on our various social media pages, where we keep the conversation going about solutions for corporate technology, collaboration in the classroom, and anything else related to the world of wireless presentation. 

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