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Wireless Wrap-Up: wePresent Europe Demo Day

Written by Jacob Moffitt | Find me on: LinkedIn

While InfoComm is our biggest event of the year, by far (and just around the corner to boot!), wePresent makes an effort to get out there and educate the world on the wonders of wireless presentation on a daily basis. Finding new ways to go out into the world and tell the good word about cross-platform compatibility is a bit of a passion for us, and recently, our Europe office declared this past May 25th to be the official "wePresent Demo Day". Taking place in Nieuwegein, Netherlands, Demo Day was a chance to get the wePresent in front of current and future users of the hardware, ensuring they were truly getting use of the wePresent's full potential.


Certifiably a Great Idea

Demo Day came about when our Europe office realized that while end-users might know what they want to do with wireless presentation, and we certainly do, there were some people in the middle who wanted to know a bit more. After all, it's one thing to hear about what a wireless presentation gateway can do, it's another thing entirely to get your hands on it and see it in action.

This is why we've begun training our resellers and integrators as offical "Certified Partners". Attending a wePresent training event, such as Demo Day, allows us to work one-on-one with the people who are out there representing our technology to the end-user. All of our resellers are capable of describing the features that wePresent brings to the table, but we're finding that few of them have the time to discover the multitude of uses those individual features have. Training our Certified Partners allows them to bring a higher level of expertise to meetings with end-users, as well as troubleshoot problems that those users might face.


So What Does a Certified Partner Learn?

Everything we can teach them.

  • We showed them the difference between streaming media and mirroring it, and how our mirroring is already so great, streaming is only necessary for longer videos.
  • We showed them the ins and outs of the SharePod, our point-to-point hardware, which allows any device with an HDMI output to stream to a wePresent.
  • We answered questions that were more technical in nature, addressing concerns about the encryption, or explaining exactly how the dual-band functionality of the WiPG-2000 worked.
  • We went over the latest version of the MirrorOp software, which has added many improvements in the last few updates, inlcuding the ability to connect with popular cloud drive services.

  • Demonstrating how 1-to-Many worked, and different ways they could use that particular function.
  • Going over setup and configuration, to better equip our resellers and integrators with the tools they need to make wePresent function at its absolute best.

All of this took place as Chris, one of our chief sales coordinators in Europe, gave his world-famous presentation about the hardware. Jeroen, our European tech guru, was on hand as well to answer any technical questions about the hardware, as well as to give advice regarding setup techniques. Dick, Letizia, and Marjorie were also present to lend a hand, ensuring that nobody left without having all their questions answered about the wePresent wireless presentation hardware and how it gets used.

Chris, afterward, was extremely happy with the event, and especially with the turnout and amount of people going home with their wePresent Certified Partner certificates, saying, "[This] is the ideal moment to pass on our extensive know-how  of the wePresent and the ways it can be applied to the resellers and integrators. We are very happy that we can draw attention to the broad versatility that the wePresent product range has in this way."

We're sure everyone who attended feels much the same way, as they're now equipped to better service the EU market for all of their wireless AV needs.

Interested in Learning More?

It doesn't matter where you're at, there's never a bad place to be when it comes to learning more about the wePresent and all the things it can do. With offices in Europe, America, Asia, and Africa, there's always someone happy to answer your questions. If you're interested in talking to someone about getting wePresent into your school or office, get in touch with us via the contact link below.


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